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for Giving Into The Monster

12/27/2003 c2 samuelthecatlady
I submitted my review a little bit too soon, before I realized that there was a second chapter. Don't keep it, burn it! The pen thing, omg gross, I vomit and have convulsions and then I die. Not really but pretty close. I don't know if you knew about my fear of things like that, but yea, ew. At least take out that part. Otherwise it was ok, but I am afraid that dude is kinda right for once, it was a bit boring (much better than what I could produce though so I shouldn't be talking) and you should write about what you think about. You'll rest in peace that way. Whenever I draw about what I'm thinking about (when I'm depressed, which is often) I forget what it is that I was thinking about, but yea, rambling. Whatever, I don't care what dude thinks, I still say brava, good job!
12/26/2003 c2 dude
ok, the monster, me and someone else think it was totally Jhonen inspired. that was weird. it makes no sense, and had tons of errors. you write very boringly. I liked the guy better. The girl is weird. I dont like her attitude. And her chapter ruins the story. Id like to know though, is she pregnant, or what? whatever. anyway, sorry for being harsh, but you can do better. At least, this story was a bit more bold than your others. You need to stop being afraid to write exactly what you think. Cya, Dude
12/26/2003 c1 samuelthecatlady
OMG, that was so influenced by Jhonen Vasquez, eh? LoL, even if you say it wasn't, I'm sure it was. Keep it, it's pretty good.

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