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for Cuz It's Cool To Cut

8/18/2003 c1 Human Wasteland
PAULA! *knaws on her fingernails* I agree with you. It's seems a fad now doesn't it? I love this poem. You had me on the verge of tears. It's so strange that someone you know from school can be so different that what they seem. Trust me, I'm like that myself. Email me
8/6/2003 c1 24lighted eagle
i thought this was a especially cool poem so i'm reviewing again...hehehehehehehehehehehehehe *maniacal (is that a word?) laughter continues for several minutes* hehehehehehehe oh kay... well i'm gonna go now, now that i've scaren (that's not a word is it?) (caden:no it's not sheila...no..it's...it's not...)anyway...scaren (it's a word now) off your public...i can go..yep...

hehehehehehhehehehhehehehe (yeah you get it...)
8/1/2003 c1 Mage LeeBee
I won't even pretend to know what makes someone hurt themselves in this fashion ... because I don't know, and to pretend simply belittles what for the self-inflicter is probably a very real experience. I can only imagine (from my point of view) that for a person to do this to themslves (for real), that they must feel their is no other outlet for their grief/depression/whatever, well, I hope it is a last resort. I personally find it unfortunate that a person can come to be in a state where they feel there is no other way to vent their feelings. I know I can't save the world, or even have all the answers, but I know that even if I am simply an ear to listen, than that is better than nothing ... small thing to me, hopefully big thing for them. My only question to you is, not why, but is there no one to listen ? I don't intend to tread on your personal space, but if you don't talk to her already, I know our friend Inoperative will listen ... please, please don't let yourself be destroyed ... there are good things in life too, look for them as well ...
7/19/2003 c1 10Inoperative
yes, i intensly dislike people who cut because it's cool...it annoys me...they're taking away the meaning from the people who do it sincerly...

it annoys me...because they don't understand why people actually do it, they don't get it and they don't feel nor do they know the struggle that is self injury...

great poem...i loved it...

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