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for Nobody's Man

7/19/2003 c1 10Inoperative
well i'd like to give you an intelligent review, but i sorta lapsed itno fantasy in the the first verse (robbie williams) just sorta got an image of...*trails off* ..ohh yum...oh...ahh, yeah..stading in the doorway...moonlight clinging to his body..oh... *should really stop posting and scary off bestfriend's public*


George: we're sorry about her...we tried, we really did..i just don't know what went wrong... (heheh)

Caden: *nods head*

Obi-wan: *pulls out lightsabre* i am sexy... (sheila:oh yes you are...grr) *drops head* why didn't she think of me in the doorway...*sniff*

*drops in and pokes head through doorway* (in freaky british accent)shall i really then, james?

*clicks submit review*

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