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for Let It Be

8/6/2003 c1 24lighted eagle
well i liked it...as you can see so did my good friends...George, Fred and them...yes they absoultely loved it...coincidently so do i! funny that...hmm... i loved this part:

"Let it be

Let the waves crash onto the sand

Let the wars rage from land to land

Let your heart love until it aches

Let the child make his mistakes

Whatever happens

It was meant to be

So when the world hurts

Open your eyes

And let it be"

yeah...it rocked...the whole poem/song i mean... yep

well i'm gonna go and do some of my evil assignments...i sorta finished one of them last night :D pfft...but yeah i got today off, luckily...

great poem dude. dude it rules. dude...

ahahahaha god i'm funny!
8/4/2003 c1 20midnights shadow
I kinda like this. In a few places you seem to hit your stride, as it were, but it seem to get lost again. But, I did like the thoughts that drove you to write this.
7/19/2003 c1 George Fred and Caden
hello...it's us!

George: we like.

Fred: That we do...that we do!

Caden: hehehe..i like

Fred: sheila's a little busy at the moment...still dreaming about robbie williams (george:and obi-wan now too... Caden: yeah...so he's happy now, *whispers* he likes her *Puts finger to lips*...sh, don't tell anyone) and so told us to tell you she'd review (george:again...) ...(caden: later)

but we like the poem...

George, Caden: that we do..that we do

Fred: *nods head* 'twas good...

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