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2/4/2005 c7 4trijinkijapan27
what the fuck? it`s been 2 years sense you`ve updated, TWO YEARS! don`t just dump the story like that! please update soon!
1/1/2005 c2 The Rejection
I started reading this story because it looked like there might be more to it, but now I'm disappointed. A relationship with a brother/sister thing going on could be pulled off well, but anyone with a sibling of the opposite sex would know that this just doesn't happen unless both people have bad pasts, or are mentally disturbed. I'm not sure why you think that healthy, sane people do this kind of thing, and I hope it's not from experience because that would be sad. I can understand writing dark or odd fiction- I just can't understand the way you're going at it. Not all love between two people, even if they could be attracted, grows into sexual love- and attraction between siblings is nonexistant unless one (or both) of the siblings is mentally disturbed. I could understand it if they had been abused sexually or something, but the way you're coming at it... a brother wouldn't want to comfort his sister in that way unless there was something wrong with him.

I'm sorry, but I just can't like this story.
8/13/2004 c7 10iheartkellan
Oh I need tos ee what happens next
7/6/2004 c7 gonegonegone
7/4/2004 c1 4Unfeigned
Wow. Where did you get the idea for writing a story about incest? And obviously, its not just that, but its also underage sex, which is illegal, so far as I know. I find that writers who are telling stories that are personal, that deal with actual experiences tend to have more resonance. Perhaps you want to consider writing something not only more age-appropriate, but more personally relevant to you? Of course, if it is, get help and call the cops. Its fine, and can be really interesting to read, writing about sexuality, but this is not an appropriate topic, for anyone at all.
6/7/2004 c7 5Pillars
Gross. I'm 13 as well and I think I agree with Hotkitty on this. It's sickening and disgusting. Why the hell is someone your age writing about incest?
Though I like your style of writing, I think you should set yourself a harder task or something. Not incest, but something like teenage pregnancy and the problems it brings on.
6/5/2004 c1 8Hotkitty
ok im not tryin 2 be sad or anything but do u know that this is incest? thats kinda gross isnt it? im finding this rather sick and disturbing and i have no idea what gave you such a sick idea. Im 13 2 and ive only written a few fics but cum on writin such sick stuff like that just 2 get reviews. doesnt this disturb you in anyway? it wud be okay if they were best frends or something or step brother and sister (even tho that wud still be sick) but cum on biological brother and sister...ew. u seem like a really gud writer and i dont reckon u shud waste ur talent writing disgusting things like that, ur making it seem really wrong for someone to even say hi 2 their older brother for gods sake! what next two sisters fall in luv and become lesbians? someone having an affair with a monkey? cum on thats the sort of line that this is on.
Seriously i reckon that i'd luv 2 read ur fic if it werent 4 what uve dun and i think u shud seriously think b4 u write sumthing because i mite not turn out the only person u've offended with this. i'll look at ur other fics if i get time and they seem intresting to me but frankly this disgusts me.
I dont want 2 cum off sounding stuck up or anything its just i dont know how much i have 2 stress how wrong this is and someone who's my age is writing about such an awfully disturbing subject.
Thanx 4 takin time 2 read my review and i apologise if ive offended you in anyway but i had 2 get my viewpoint across on this subject.
5/24/2004 c2 fire-fem
This story rox! I love your writing style and definately hope you continue to write!
5/15/2004 c7 AngelcakesUK
Oh, cliffhanger. Dammit! Update soon!
5/10/2004 c7 7SaintEm0
your good for a 13/14 year old.. im 14 to so i can relate to this but i haven't done ANYTHING with my brother at all and idon't like him but please update..there will be fudge involved
4/22/2004 c7 119AntiPleasure
UPDATE! *cries* hehe
4/13/2004 c7 16kaika switched
I don't know how I feel about Mike being there... And what about Melissa? Well, I hope you update soon 'cause I want to know what happens. Keep writing!
4/13/2004 c7 1babydreams5088
Update soon please!good story keep it up!
4/3/2004 c7 carebear21
update very very soon good chapter
3/28/2004 c7 Skip-18
Wicked story so far.Write more soon.Luv Jen.
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