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7/26/2003 c2 please please
let me be the 10th reviewer!

kenny in FL showed me your comic oh my goodness i'm so in love! when can we get the scanner action happening i don't want to misconstrue what sidekick girl looks like...i'm so into her! oh my goodness lady you have got something here and you will be rich by the dumptruck loads, heaping piles of stinking one dollar bills to look up and see sidekick boy on the other side of. imagine the hero hall you would build with that...

but we won't talk about how the sidekick "doghouse" really cost more and is nearly 2.5 (appropriate stall out) miles away...just so that by the time the danger is handled they show up happily tra la la. oh yeah. big dreams, big plans and one seriously chronic (meaning deadly for life) sidekick girl fan...

please let me be the 10th reviewer...i um...can post a few more times?

you can make me anything you want to. i mean anything. i'm down for calamari sidekick, whores D vores. jk.

much peace and inspiration to your brilliant brilliant! deng brain chicka.

thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. i have some idea why this story is so healing for me, but i'm not going to share yet. well at least not until i get my cape back from the dry cleaners.


cynthia, cindy, cat
7/22/2003 c2 TAE the Adventurer
Ha ha, sidekick girl, that rawks! Do post a link to your comic, when you get it. I'm a bit of a cartoonist myself and love seeing other people's work. Anyway, this story is great with all it's bad hero names and X-Men squashing action. Keep writing!
7/22/2003 c1 19Grace Singer
Brilliantly worth every laugh.

Did you draw the original comic?

It would be fabulous with etchings, but the descriptions are plenty enough for visuals.

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