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2/5/2012 c55 Rennah
I can´t believe this was written 8 years ago :o I love your characters. Can decide between Ben and Liam though :/. It´s made me want to come and live in Brisbane, I don´t think my Uncle would appreciate me crashing at his place though. So I´m just gonna read the rest of your stories now...
7/10/2008 c55 1Bellaria
I loved it! I'm up at 4.41 am EST reading this and I tell you I bloody loved it.

I liked that it was set in Australia, I live in Victoria just three hours outside of melbourne but I'm originally from Hobart in Tassie.

I loved the Marion Bay Falls Festival reference, I went there two years ago and it freaking rocked.

Anyway, great job loved it so much!

Da boch Bellaria
7/9/2008 c56 5Fayre Meira
one word: wow.
7/7/2008 c56 mysticalemotion

i just finished reading this story and i really enjoyed. Stupid me just realised that it is actually a sequel. *shakes head*

'anoyone but me'? i think that's what it's called?. I was just wondering where I could find it, becuase i really enjoyed this one and i'm itching to read the first one.

8/23/2007 c55 2EeeNAce
omg that was adorable. You have no clue how gushy that proposal made me. eep!. XD. Good job!
7/15/2007 c55 Strangely Natural
Great story they've definitely come full circle beautifully, I'm so happy for them!
7/9/2007 c55 40Moosher
favorite character: Ben. and Hailey. and Liam. and Sean. mostly Ben though..you are pure awsomeness!

Keep writing. It's Stories like yours that made me the crazy reader i am today. So thanks.

oh, and i love the Australian accent..and some of the words. i just thought i'd let you know. lol.right then.

7/8/2007 c28 Moosher
Everytime i read this chapter i tear up. It's pretty amazing that though ive read this story twice at least.. i dont get bored, and i dont skip parts..and i do that a lot

This still remains my favorite story on FP and one of my top 10 favorites ever. Seriously. And ive read a lot of books.

So keep writing coz you rock.

1/23/2007 c55 1SiobhanO
omg i'm so sad that it has to end but alas, the ending was fab. i want a Ben :( haha write more stories - please?
1/22/2007 c47 SiobhanO
omfg i can't believe you did that./ well i can but still - no. oh well, hopefully it turns out in the end. your story is amazing and just keeps getting better
1/22/2007 c28 SiobhanO
oh wow. this story is AMAZING. the best i;'ve read in a long time although this chapter was so sad.
1/21/2007 c7 SiobhanO
swet story
1/21/2007 c8 SiobhanO
wow this is a great story. i read this much and then realized its a sequel so i hope you don't have to read the fist part to understand.
1/16/2007 c45 17Blue Vampire
So I'm only on ch. 45 but I'm LOVING IT! I've read the first Ben/Hailey story about five times and I'm in love with that, too. In fact I've even printed out the first one and the second one... is that legal? Oh well... ^^'' but that's pretty much what I do if I REALLY like a story... print it out and read it during class instead of paying attention. So I'm probably just going to ramble on for a bit as I tell you what I loved and my comments on that... so keep on reading if you're bored enough!

Okay, for Ben's grandmother Gigia (pronounced 'Yiy-ya'?) I LOVE HER! I can so relate to her because I am half Greek... go Greeks man! But I've never seen it spell 'Gigia'. My sis and I always did it 'Yia Yia' or 'Jia-Jia' but then again I was in kindergarten and first grade when I still had to write to her... anywho, I love her and at every mention of her I laugh. I have a question on her, does she opperate on Greek Time (a.k.a.: 15 minutes late for everything)? Just wondering... I've tried to use that excuse for band practice (that's Marching Band, you know I'm a Band Geek. And proud of it! Obey the almighty sock tan lines).

Okay you should be very proud when I tell you that I have almost cried twice while reading this story. TWICE! I don't cry easily either! But it wasn't actually 'tears down my face' thing... I can't do that when I'm reading... but I got really teary eyed! It was during the Liam chapter where he was talking about his dad and then I think the other time was when Ben broke up with Hailey... it was within two chapters of that Liam one... anywho, good work! *high five*

Jeez... what else to say besides 'OH MY JEEZ I LOVE THIS FLIPPIN' BOOK!' OH WAIT! I have to comment on the amount of drinking in these two stories (don't worry, it ain't bad). So my closest (and craziest... but that's one in the same over here... ^^'') friends consist of: an Italian, a Greek (me WOOT! Go me!), an Irish, and a German. We're always joking about how when I turn 21 (cause I'm the youngest... damn me...) we're all going to drive to Reno or Vegas (we're in the middle of California so it ain't that long of a drive) and get flipping drunk and see how much alchol everyone can hold. Now why did I mention what background my friends and I were? Because those are the major drinking countries and have a history of being able to drink a lot. So now I'm going to have to find me a friend from Australia to join us and we'll have the entire drinking community of the world! Oh, and my friends and I are also waiting till we're 21 because we don't have it in us to do that when we're under age... but what can you expect from a bunch of Band Geeks? Wait... answer that question when you are not thinking of 'American Pie'... seems like every year when I mention some thing about going to Band Camp (which would be a lot more enjoyable if it weren't in a 112 flipping degrees! That's Farhenheit... did I spell that right? Who cares...)

OKAY! Back to me praising your story! I can't WAIT to finish it and get on to the thrid one. I love all the characters in it. The way Ben and Hailey met gives me hope for finding my own boyfriend! Heh heh... yeah... would be a lot easier if there were cute guys near me... damn... anywho, love the stories, love you for writing said stories, and... that's pretty much it! I'll probably send you another long ass comment once I'm done with this story or some time during the thrid.

1/12/2007 c55 5This.Texta.Is.Blue
hehe it was a good stroy!. i love that i got ever single thing.cause like i read stories and most of the people are like from america or england or something and when it comes to school and like college i never get it.But scince i get everything like and uni and centerlink.. and umm... rove live. and some other stuff. but i have to say you make melbourne sound like a cool place when its not.ever. ok so the city isnt so bad. But still lolz.it was a great story i loved reading it!. but i dont know if i could forgive my bf if he cheated on me. BUT! i love that they got back together cause i would ahve cried my eyes out if they didnt.
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