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for What I Feel

10/10/2003 c1 Millissa
v_v Emotional problems suck, but the poems didn't! You're really talented, I can't write poems for anything hehe.
7/30/2003 c1 Lyssa quill
hey.. wow.. this si so totally opposite of barney. its very deep. it almost hurt my brain. lol. very good. very very good. i hope u feel better soon. veyr good. :)
7/27/2003 c1 natmarie
Hey hun,

Cool, I'm not scared, but I know you too well hehe. And you know if you ever need to talk i'm here. Anyways, awesome poem thingys, good free flow poetry. I have some up too. If ya wanna check it out. I think you would like "the things they say". Dunno though. Uhh check out my faves etc if you get bored. OOh and welcome to fp.com!I'll be talking to ya. Hehe. Oh hint, make it so anyone, not just logged in ppl can review for you. YOu get more ppl then. Some don't have an account, others, like me are too lazy to log in most of the time.

7/22/2003 c1 Glastonbury
Amazing use of words and just everything. If this gets let out when your upset etc then i wouldnt knock it, its brilliant work.

congrats to the fullest, i'll check out some other stuff of yours coz i approve.

Glastonbury x

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