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10/3/2003 c17 Crimson Myst
How come all the roads that they follow have some sort of color to it? Yellow, Orange, Aquamarine . . . ?

Cute chapter, and I like the fact that they just ran for it in the next town. I love the humor. Nice job.
10/3/2003 c16 Crimson Myst
Sorry I haven't come here in a while. I've been busy.

anyway, cute transition off of "Yellow Brick Trail" to "Orange Cement Sidewalk" or whatever that was. It made me laugh for who knows how long!
8/27/2003 c20 sandiee
ur story ish very very nice. i liked the ending..."she accepted her... DESTINY" wahoo...okay im done... heh heh u did kno that 4 of those names u thank are the same people...as in me...sandie. wit 2 ez now... ok im done.
8/27/2003 c18 sandie bear
VERY KYOOT SONG... or poem...whatever. you can be a poet...and you def. know it. heh heh
8/24/2003 c20 amanda
haha guess not when you have an ending like that... loved ur story
8/23/2003 c20 11DreamNightmare
yay! u finished it! lol...well ok bad 4 us cuz its done but it was great...hope 2 c more stories!

8/23/2003 c19 DreamNightmare
i knew she'd have 2 fight him! lol neways this story's great n even tho ur ending it the next ch. i wanna tell u i enjoyed this

8/21/2003 c18 lady white
love your story so so much keep it going
8/21/2003 c18 DreamNightmare
i liked the song u wrote...very kawaii..neways ill b waitin

8/19/2003 c17 DreamNightmare
ooh...i wanna no wut happens next

8/18/2003 c16 DreamNightmare
this is soo great...neways hope u update soon

8/14/2003 c15 Crimson Fyr Lite
Great job as usual. Two more fights, huh? I wonder who those could be. . . :). keep it up youngin'! Oh, and did you know that nai also means it "nonexistent" in another language? Coincidence maybe?
8/14/2003 c15 DreamNightmare
lol this chapter was great...keep up the great work! ^-^

8/12/2003 c14 DreamNightmare
chik ur great! lol i love this story...plz continue
8/12/2003 c14 amanda
i'm enjoying your study so much.. from the first chapter it sucked me in! You have to keep writing if you didn't you would be commiting a great great crime=P
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