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for Razors and Dying Roses

10/25/2009 c2 LovingBlackParadise1
ohh is she gunna turn him straight
7/25/2005 c2 4WinterRaven292
Hm...Don't know if this "Remi" person is a girl or guy...

9/21/2003 c2 14Judge Jury Executioner
*tut tut tut* naughty litl girl...anywayz update soon! luv it. and my parents can go screw themselvs.
8/2/2003 c2 2Alexandria Danielle
Ok one thing is if you're going to do the whole short chapters thing you are going to have to update way more. You can either do the long chaps and update every once and awhile or you can do the short chaps and update a bunch more, but you gotta update more either way. I like where its going though parts are a little confusing. Pretty much the only thing i see wrong is you need to update way more often to keep people interested or else you probably wont have many readers if you have any at all. Hope I havent offended you in any way.
7/26/2003 c2 5windupbird
I like it so far...I can't wait till the story develops more. Keep writing!
7/26/2003 c2 Dodo Island
Why do people have 'problems' with incest and slash? People should be able to express their own sexuality however they want (although there are possible medical complications in any children resulting in brother-sister or first cousin couplings). With that said, the story deservs reviews! I think that it's funny the way you put in the warnings: 'horrid things your panrets wouldn't want you reading' Luckily I don't live with my parents. O.-

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