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8/28/2004 c1 29amazingblazes
Short, but sweet! Love the message. V. Cool.
7/26/2004 c1 148Moroni of the Mount of Ro
HI! ::waves energetically:: It's me! Nika-Chan! ^_^ You should read my stories, Luna! ^_^;; ::cough, cough:: o.O;; I liked this one. Very sweet. My haikus are . . . depressing. u.u
7/28/2003 c1 unnamed author23
a good point.
7/27/2003 c1 57teh tarik
So beautiful and touching words. Very inspiring as well. ^_^
7/26/2003 c1 57Kat Cyr
I loved your haiku! Keep writing!

R&R mine too!

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