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for Hell's Mistress

9/25/2003 c1 2Free Rain
I like it. A unique style, and vivid imagery.
9/25/2003 c9 1Jimmy Jazz
Aw, poor baby!

Very dark, loved it, it was soo sad, but amazing!
9/23/2003 c9 The Black Rider
Your poetry is really astonishing. There's always so much to read into and so much to think about. This collection in particular is very descriptive. I usually find myself reading through most of it when you update. It reminds me of The Divine Comedy, especially the Inferno. Keep up the excellent work.
9/23/2003 c9 64not sure yet
wow, now that was most certianly interesting, and very different from a lot of what ive read about the place, muchly enjoying this so far, excellent flow and extremely well written as always, awesome job on this chapter as well
9/22/2003 c8 1Jimmy Jazz
Oh, I love this. Very chilling, and I can't wait for the next one, suspense R us.
9/18/2003 c8 64not sure yet
wow, very bloodly and dark, muchly enjoyed this one as well, gave me the chills just thinking about walking through, well, literally hell and being stabbed constantly..its interesting and youve pulled it off amazingly, muchly well written and cant wait for more, excellent job
9/18/2003 c8 90SweetGrape
I thought it was deaths door, this one? aw?

'things tormentors favour'- clever.

You get so unnerved simply because she remains so calm throughout all of this horror!

'From her slips a bloody river'- gruesome image!

But then, as nothing affects her, it disappears and the next door's there.
9/16/2003 c8 The Black Rider
This is probably the best poem here so far. I really liked the intensity a lot. Excellent work.
9/16/2003 c8 14Dirty Wallpaper

ok, well i must admit that when i started to read this i was kinda think "oh god, do i really want to read this" cause i mean, im not one for torture...but it turned out the images were great *not that im sick or antyhing* lol, but i mean your words didnt create very disgusting pictures, more ethereal pictures, ones which were more haunting than grusome...and then i especailly loved the line "wounds shrink back and are no more" because it jsut created such an intriguing image in my mind if scarring wounds healing themselves within seconds with not one mark to their proof...twas very amazing and enjopyed muchly muchly muchly.

damn, now this is one touch chica, if there is one thing i dont think id be able to stand it would be torture, i have a very low tolerance for pain and throughout the whole poem there was a definite linguring cringe going through me...just the thought...*shudder*...but yet again another chapter to give me my glitterjewele, i almost didnt see it cause your other one didnt hvae a new name to it, but jsut before i was about to click off a saw a little 8...so i was a lucky little chica wasnt i just? yes i was.

great chapter, i loved, as always and forever, worlds and worlds full of kudos!
9/13/2003 c7 1Jimmy Jazz
OH! I can't wait for the next update. These are amazing! I long every one, fantastic.
9/12/2003 c7 14Dirty Wallpaper
oh good good, this time i will be sure *not* to send an incomplete review, i refuse to be that terrible twice.

wow, for some reason i really loved this chapter, i think its really stood out from the rest, purely because it seemed more close to heart and perosnal, and the atmosphere was cold, very contrasting to the whole hell theme. "mangled on the streets, heart strained" - that brought so many amazing images to my mind, it reminded me of germany for some inane reason...lol, no offence inteneded to any germans, just a random thought, i think i was just reminded so much of teh concentration camps...i blame history class and your amazing images.

this line made me smile "And bored she leans against a wall" i found it quite amusing, the fact she is still un daunted by all these tests, and how she is actually taking it all, very intriguing. i think one of my most fav lines of the whole chapter would hvae to be...

"In spite of Father Time, who stretches,

Grasping hours in his clutches,

Pressing down upon his child" it almost seemed tender, a nice contrast to the harsh reality of the poem, the word child really brought the poem closer to home.

very cool chapter, ha! and arent you proud? the review remains well...lets just say im still typing and im not finished, and i actually have the choice to finish...im improoving ya? cool, once again thankyou for the amazing update chica, made my horrific day, kudos!
9/11/2003 c7 64not sure yet
wow, im guessing aging or starvation, im not entirely sure, but now it's Death's door. very interesting, wonder where this is gonna go from here, love the imagery and ideas thus far, and again, this one is extremely well written, excellent job
9/11/2003 c6 not sure yet
interesting, car crash...like each one is playing on different fears of humans,i think thats the case anywayz, muchly interesting and well written, love the way this is done, and curiously, that the car went through her, anwayz, awesome job
9/11/2003 c5 not sure yet
wow, creepier and dark, hate spiders, but what is she doing? why does it bother her? rather odd and interesting, love it though, extremely well written
9/10/2003 c7 The Black Rider
Again, I love where this is going. Sorry I probably won't be able to leave a proper review until it's finished.
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