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for Hell's Mistress

5/20/2004 c1 76CoolBeans18s
Amaing! Incredible! So dark, and deep, and beautiful! *shivers* This piece haunts you, I love all of your vivid imagery! It really captures ones attention, and ..
never lets go.
~ CoolBeans18s
5/7/2004 c19 Avory
A truly beautiful epic poem. I have one wish: I wish that you had written of nine doors, instead of seven, to represent the nine "ledges" of purgatory/hell. It would have given this work more significance and credit. Alright, off the constructive criticism and onto the praise...
Gorgeous language! Absolutely intelligent diction! Clever rhymes, slant and regular! A splendid example of the classic couplet rhyme-scheme! The enjambment and inversion was incredibly fluid, displaying a mastery of such poetic devices! Great clarity, consitence, and grace throughout the entire work!
I am impressed. Glory be to the one who can win me over so easily...
Keep on writing J! I've no doubt you'll always produce fine works like this one!
4/26/2004 c19 47Anjeni Windsinger
You? The worst reviewer in history? Pfft, look at me, haven't reviewed this even though you updated two months ago. I'm very, very sorry about that. Very.
And thank you very much for your reviews; they mean a whole bunch to me.
Now then, to get to this amazingly written piece that I can't stop reading. I really liked how you didn't rhyme in some places - it oddly caught me off guard, but it's also what pulled me in. I found that it was the.. sound.. that was the strongest in here. *imagines corny sounds you play at Halloween in the background* No, no, not corny - creepy, yes. Particularly the bit of infants screaming. Favorite lines in this one would be, hands down, no doubt about it, "A tribute to the dragon's breath/That filled her with immortal death..." Ah, I love it... The 'immortal death' part especially, I love the concept. Brilliant write, it blew me away.
4/14/2004 c19 1Jimmy Jazz
Overwhelming excellency. Fantastic chapter, I love how you write.
4/9/2004 c4 127godawful teen-angst poetry
The rhyme is so effortlessly perfect...which I know from experience is really really hard to achieve. You know, dear, you need to upload some solitary poems. I never can remember which of your collections I've read or where I've left off. But anyway. I just finished reading the Inferno, which seems to resonate more with this...oh blah I'm rambling. You're a wonderful writer, which you know, but to reiterate, you're very definitely one of my favorites-your poetry is always a joy to read. I'm going to stop know at the risk of drowning in my own sappiness ^_~.
2/27/2004 c19 64not sure yet
if i wasnt so dumbstruck and tired, i might ahve smoething to say, but ites really good, muchly love it, awesome job
2/19/2004 c19 14Dirty Wallpaper
lol! oh you are a funny one...you are not *the* worst updater in the world...that would be me...Shakespeare being a close second...being dead tends to do that though i suppose...though you can come a close third if you like? ;)
right, well...this was a VERY intriguing chapter, in fact i here by name this chapter "most intriguing of them all!" looks like she is finally facing some challenges. god, there was one line in there which i absolutely love, adored, SWOONED over...in fact im sure i drooled a little too...im sure if you think youll be able to guess...
"Pierced screams of infants kiss her lips," wow, that line right there, WOW LINE! Haunting, kind of disturbing in a sort of *i tricked you* way...im not going to bother to explain the trick thing because im all too sure it only makes sense in my mind.
oh so awesome chapter darl, absolute poetry! i cant wait until the next one, im just going to begin to hold my breath now...
now i just have to decide whether to do my accounting homework or not...*CRINGES VIOLENTLY*...not good chica not good.
- oh ja, omg, i so have to tell someone...
OK so anyway. i just found out one of my guy friends was gay...not a surprise...anyways, he has a best friend and when she found out she started to cry and had a whole crisis over it and claimed it was "the pressure" of having to keep the secret...ANYWAY, i was talking to my friend on the phone and im like "thats dodgy, would YOU cry because you couldnt keep a secret? especially one that wasnt illegal or nothing?" and anyway so i go on this whole rampage about my suspicion that his best friend is IN LOVE WITH HIM...and when i finish my ranting *you know how i tend to rant* i hear her laughing and im like what?...and shes just like "no, no of course thats not true" you know, in that way that screams "THAT IS JUST SO TRUE" but she kept on denying it and i knew she was lying and she kept on laughing...i mean seriously HIS BEST FRIEND IS IN LOVE WITH HIM AND HE IS GAY...*breathes*...*breathes again* OMG, my life is getting so scandalous its just not funny. LOL.
*sigh* so im gonna confront her at school and get it officially clear in my mind. im telling you, my life...this glob of scandal right here? EXHAUSTING!
*sigh* ok, i gotta calm down...hey you! yeah you, i know your not glitterjewele and i know your just reading this for the goss...SCANDAL AYE! FLIP YEAH!
*sigh* - lol, wow, i have just successfully stalled doing my accounting homework...*sigh* im tragic. have a good week chica, bubi!
2/18/2004 c19 Carolina.Scribe
Hey, you updated! This epic poem isn't over! And I have to say yet another great addition to this wonderful poem.
This woman in this story is so interesting and (pardon the language) kick-ass!
Great job. I love it! ^_^ V
2/5/2004 c18 53Lidless Eye
This just continues to be brilliant. You're doing a fantastic job on the imagery in this... the evil sticks with you after reading this for a long time. Great work and keep it up.
~Lidless Eye
2/2/2004 c18 64not sure yet
whoa...intense, and mystifying, its like, you still dont really know who she is as of yet...but you do, its odd, definitely an incredible addition to the story though, muchly love the line "Whose hue has darkened into ash." i seriously dont know why i do, but i do, muchly awesome poem
1/30/2004 c18 1Jimmy Jazz
OH, WOW! Fantastic! Keep 'em comin'!
1/29/2004 c1 26Jitterrue
Hi. I love the way you tell stories thru poetry. If you have the time, might you read my attempt at such, "The Emerald Palace" and give me some advice? Thanx!
1/28/2004 c18 47Anjeni Windsinger
O.O Oh, wow. That's... that's just amazing. 'She rises: Hatred's rightful Queen.' Much kudos, brilliantly written. Most favorite line would have to be, 'Time’s pause a blink ago,' because that was an awesome way to say it. Argh, I can't review...
1/27/2004 c18 14Dirty Wallpaper
oh! this is great! and after such a tragic day of school, its just what i needed. this was awesome, i mean i think this would have to be my fav chapter so far, and im quite sure it wasnt because of the deprivation or the crap day.
everything about this chaper, the slight evilness, almost soft in its force...
i *loved* the end, the end was fnatastic...i was just like "oh yeah" i mean seriouslym everything about it was royally bad, and undeniably perfect. "hatreds rightful queen" so cool, that concept is just fantabulous!
*sigh* so happy you updated. wonderful work! KUDOS!
1/27/2004 c17 26Jitterrue
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