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1/19/2004 c1 3L. E. Madison
WOW. This is so funny I really don't know what to say.
And I'll ahve to second all those other people- I wanna go find some Terry Pratchett now, because if he's anything like what this is, I need to erad that.
Love the 'chaos sandwich' bit...
1/14/2004 c7 9Neon Tetra
I wanted to give you some suggestions on how to improve this, but I'm laughing too hard to concentrate. I refuse to blame your homework for this phenomenon.
Oh, and just to keep this review kosher: Terry Pratchet Terry Pratchet Terry Pratchet, whoever that is.
1/7/2004 c7 chickens
I find this story very funy. REALLY, REALLY good
1/1/2004 c7 Aoife O' Dandelion
Oh, I'm happy! New chapter! Looking forward to the next one - whenever that may be. ^_^
1/1/2004 c1 2miekaez
really funny. im to lazy to read the rest right noe but im sure its good. keep writing.
11/23/2003 c6 12Zinnith
How can I *not* review something like this? Very Pratchett-ish (if that's even a word... whatever, it is now)

Love every single bit of it, most of all the alcoholic elf.
11/20/2003 c1 jfandres
Hallo, werter Autor da draußen!

Deinem Profil nach, dürftest du

diese Botschaft verstehen:

Bitte, bitte, ein Update!

Der Handlungsverlauf hat mir bisher sehr gefallen, und dein Schreibstil kann sich (echt) sehen lassen, einfallsreich und originell!

Allerdings möchte ich mir nicht anmaßen, über die schriftstellerischen Qualitäten von Terry Pratchett zu urteilen. ^-^

Also, mach bitte,

bitte umbedingt weiter!

Viel Spass noch beim Deutsch-Unterricht,


fely (yahu~h)
11/9/2003 c6 1ChiefO
OK I had to look up Terry Pratchett *shrug* Looks like I will be buying some of his works. If his writing is like your story I am going to have to!

Keep them coming. Good stuff.
11/9/2003 c4 ChiefO
Wow! Fantasy meets Douglas Adams! I enjoyed it alot. It takes alot to get me to laugh out loud (for real, not a LOL) You have a gift.
11/1/2003 c6 pineapple lord
EXCELLENT! Loved the alcoholic elf...and basically everything else too! The Pratchett-esque writing is great (not to mention hilarious), but I think the two are different enough to say that it merely shares the Pratchett-y flavor, not plagarizes. But if you're looking for a permanent place in the halls of FF.net...

*gives virtual sausage-inna-bun for literary merit*

Continue, as I will be waiting for its return.
10/16/2003 c1 4shadowdreamer7598
your a good writer! it sounds like a really funny story :D
10/2/2003 c6 21Shade2
We should lock you in a room, feed you peanuts, and make you finish this. It's hilarious and well-put together. I must agree with the title as well . . . a fine job.
9/16/2003 c6 Firefly 'Damn My Fanfiction.net account doesn't stretch to FictionPress.com'99

I love this. It's very Terry Pratchett...but that is NOT a bad thing.

I love Nil! 'Bout time someone decided to poke a little fun of the Lord of the Rings pretty boy stereotype.

Tristan actually reminds me of someone I know...*shock*

Well, I could go on for HOURS about how much I love this thing, but neither of us have the time.

Chaos sandwich.

Gotta remember that one.

Oh yeah, and autumndark has updated the column. (I saw your comment in it, that's why I ended up here!)
9/10/2003 c4 1Hazel Bite
A wonderfully entertaining chapter!
8/20/2003 c6 9Magentian
LOL I know someone exactly like that redhead... "I like the beer and noise!"

*looks at Silent Al's review* Hey... wait a moment... yeah, guy in the big hat (ten-gallon) named Shrub... lol, it's BUSH! Ahaha! Cool! Never noticed that before! Whee!

I better go, this story is getting me giddy. Write more!
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