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for The Best Damn Battle Ever

8/10/2003 c5 6Sirensong
This is good. Update soon.
8/10/2003 c5 Faithiny
I laughed myself silly and then fell out of my chair. It was all positively brilliant! Please, PLEASE, keep going with it.
8/10/2003 c5 evanesence
Just wanted to leave a line expressing my interest in this tale. It's absolutely brilliant! The dialogue throughout it is hilarious... I've been laughing the whole time reading it. Keep writing..I'll certainly keep reading.
8/10/2003 c2 12Naamela
Wow...this has to be one of the best stories I've read on fictionpress in a long time. And I read a lot, so that's saying something! ^-^ I loved the chaos sandwich bit especially...really, there are no suggestions I can make...I'll keep reading.
8/10/2003 c5 Someone
Funny shit, man! This is great!
8/1/2003 c3 1Hazel Bite
I don't if I'm going to be able to wait for that fourth chapter. This is great, and I really wish there was more to read. It has a Pratchett feel to it, but it's also in a class of it's own.
7/30/2003 c3 18Bubblewrapped
The sum total of my opinion, which I'm certain the world has been waiting breathlessly to hear, is: BRILLIANT!

Very Terry Pratchett of you LOL. Its an excellent story, very funny and well-written, particularly the way you describe things. I particularly enjoyed the "Beautiful women were problematic, but you knew where you stood, with war" and the Herbist when he says "When you?ve got four armies fighting each other, they sort of just chase each other around in a circle. Our little town?s been under the occupation of every army at least once. They all smell the same, and none of them ever wipes his feet.?

Keep writing! I'll be on the lookout for more!
7/29/2003 c2 10lynx wings
Tee hee. I liked the 'chaos sandwich' and the family trees getting hacked to bits parts in particular. Very clever, and 'The Proverbial Beginning' had me laughing out loud.
7/29/2003 c2 5Gwenllian
Bloody hilarious. I laughed so hard I think I must have ruptured a strand of the time-space continuum and as a result am now stranded in a misty and far-off land populated entirely by polka-mad, duck-worshipping squirrels. There is a good bit of Highland flinging, as well.

I'm developing a phobia of bushy tailed rodents, I've had to fashion a computer entirely from straw and cocoanut hulls, and am beginning to suspect existence of actual Church of England members on island, so please, write another installment so I may rupture myself in again, before I am consumed by sanity.
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