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for Brazilian Sewer Lice

1/11/2004 c1 6Rockie
Lol, that's funny. XD
8/21/2003 c1 Jaeryn
That was lovely. How come you didn't try to pull something like that on our class? I mean, Cathy and I were so obnoxious... there's no way the juniors' whining could have been worse than an entire board full of random verbs.
8/20/2003 c1 12IHJ
Yeah, it's too bad you don't teach there anymore as it seems that it was a VERY interesting class. Since this is a true retelling, I can't exactly comment on the comment, but the last line DID make me laught pretty loud. You're very good at retelling events and making them humorous. *thumbs up* Good job...for a bio teacher.
8/1/2003 c1 Casey
Indeed Lester, I love you very much. Good story. Even better that it's true. Go punk kids being too smart! Oh yeah! *does a little dork happy dance* Oh yeah, oh yeah. Peace. -your favorite student (not a student any longer but still a friend as always)
7/30/2003 c1 Lucy Ricardo
You're SO COOL! that's cool how you're a teacher and you write stories, too. I'm trying to watch my grammar and spelling in this. lol. You're on my favorite's list.

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