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2/21/2005 c1 Miranda Crystal-Bearer
Very sweet. I liked how the poem flows from one point of view to the other. Very smooth. Good job.
12/22/2004 c1 1AussieGal
cool...but who is this little girl?
9/15/2003 c1 8Angel of Southern Chicks
Very sad and sweet. There is a song called "Streets of Heaven" that deals with an issue similar to that
8/14/2003 c1 106cosmo-queen
This was so sad, and I liked how you included the view points of both the father and the daughter. Simple and touching, keep writing :)

8/3/2003 c1 48Laineniel
That was beautiful! Very moving. It brought tears to my eyes. Amazing!
7/31/2003 c1 49The Hitokiri Onigiri
Very sad, very touching... but I've already told you that. Can't wait to see more when you're ready to post them!
7/30/2003 c1 7godsgurl23
That's so sweet...
7/30/2003 c1 74Letters to No One
That is so good, Skip. I think I know what it's about but I'm not sure. Fill me in sometime. I really like this one!
7/30/2003 c1 Heidi Miller
Oh, wow. I fighting to keep the knot out of my throat. It's a very sweet poem, even better that there's actually meaning to it and that meaning is able to get across to those who read it. I loved it. Very well written.

~Heidi Miller

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