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for The Slideshow of Life

8/30/2003 c1 37wingless
this is interesting. definitely makes one think. even if this isnt how it ends, its still something to think about. well written as well

sorry it took me so long to review you, but i was out of town. thanks for your review of on hands.
7/30/2003 c1 3Kaion Vin
I think the best part of the poem is the first verse. The rest of the poem is somewhat mediocre. If you think about it, doesn't everyone reflect on their life while they're still alive? I think the slideshow is playing while you still live.
7/30/2003 c1 31redazalea72
thanx for that review... my first one... you can write... you remind me of someone at my school you have an exceptional gift that someone my age can posess... don't lose it... hope you read the rest of my works... they can get boring after awhile... don't worry... you don't have ne thing wrong with your poetry keep writing...

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