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8/30/2004 c21 41ionlyliveindreams
Yay, your back! W00t! :D Sorry it took me so long to write a review. I read the chapters when you first sent me that review but then I had to go do something else, and I forgot to send a review. Anyways, awesome chapters, as usual. :) It's starting to heat up again. I lurve it! :) More please!
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8/18/2004 c19 ionlyliveindreams
*waves to Khamron* I haven't heard from you in a while so I figured I should check up on you. :( You really need to keep writing this story, it's so cool! Anyways, I haven't been on fictionpress for a while too and I've just started uploading a new story. I didn't remember how nerve-racking it is. *sighs* Anyways, please continue this, I miss reading it! :D
10/16/2003 c19 ionlyliveindreams
Ah, another great chapter. Good job, you've kept my interest for this long, kudos to you! It has a lot to do with having a good idea which you have. Anyways, very good chapter, and as usual I can't wait for more!

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10/4/2003 c18 ionlyliveindreams
Uh oh, I'd call this a turn for the worst. I'm glad they said they'd treat Jewel OK. :S I want to see what happens! I found a few spelling mistakes, but nothing huge, I could still figure out what you ment. Good job, I need more!

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10/4/2003 c16 ionlyliveindreams
Hi! I didn't realize there was so much more! It's still really great. I love it. I don't really have a lot to say except that I'm going on to the next chapter :)
9/9/2003 c13 Leapord
I like this story a lot ! You're a really good writer, very convincing. I hope there's more soon!
9/1/2003 c11 Anonymous
This is a great story, I really like it! I hope you write more soon.
8/31/2003 c1 The Anonymous Imposter

Its an okay story, I like the ideas you have for it.


I feel all weird about reading this, because its almost EXACTLY like my basic outline of the story.

Its called Shadow Heaven, and its about a Dictatorish King in America a few centuries vs. Anarchist and Rebels. And the King of America is working on a secret group of Killer Robots, and now he is working on 'MIND' Control Robots...

Sadly, I couldnt give the story my whole attention based on that.
8/31/2003 c11 ionlyliveindreams
Hey! You gotta post more soon... I love using cliffies, but when other people use them on stories I'm really interested in... gr! I mean it's good, but the waiting :S... Anyways, thanks so much for the reviews! :) And I agree with your constructive criticism. Thank you! I have one piece for you too ;) When your changing from one character to another or changing scenes you should put some sort of a indication that it's changed like a * or something like that...Anyways, please please please post more soon

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8/30/2003 c2 Matthew Sutton
I've only read the prologue, but so far it has shown nice depth. I think it would be really cool if you were to create a prequel about the war between Anarchist and the Republic to better explain what happend. But wait till you finish this one first :)

(Note: I've only read the prologue, so if you talk about the war more in depth deeper into the story, my apologies)
8/21/2003 c9 ionlyliveindreams
Wow... That's all I have to say. I usually have more to say, but... wow. This is great. It actually has a plot! *fakes surprise* :) great job so far and I really want to read more, so post more soon please :)

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8/11/2003 c5 QueenFrosteen
Hello! Yay for school! NOT! erm, that one dude that created the machine, doesn't it take imagination to think up something like that? yeah, have you seen Pirates of the Carribean? e-mail me.
7/31/2003 c3 Melissa
Incredibly believable! It was hard to comprehend such a young writer could create a world so copletely unlike our own. Nice Job. There were minor spelling and grammer mistakes but it's really good.

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