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9/12/2006 c25 2Serolina
i really liked thisstory!you did a great job on it!
8/20/2004 c25 zagato
this is wonderful.
7/9/2004 c25 15pinkdragon
CUTENESS! Oh, Rudi is just so sweet. I'm glad Marlene decided to stay, and he mentioned something I hadn't considered before. About the economy. I'm sure the sequel will be superb. I can't wait, and I acutally have a tiny idea for it.
7/7/2004 c25 Miss Sango
Oh man, that was a lovely story! Rudolf sounds sexy, yay! I'd like to read the sequel, so hit me up with the details ASAP yo! Great job! ^_^
7/5/2004 c25 Comrade Jahaa
Great Job Comrade! *applause* Keep on writing (you better write a sequel or I will superglue you to that computer chair and MAKE you! lmao, keep it up!
*~Comrade Stavon~*
6/27/2004 c23 5PriestSnatcher
Whew! I'm so glad everything's working out for Marlene and Rudolf! You had me worried there for a while!
God, I hated Betty with a passion. -;
I thought the fiance was gonna be a huge thing in that one chapter...
What a lovely ending! I'm glad everything turned out all right.
**waits in suspense for sequel**
PS: That little part about one of your characters "respecting their father, but not really being close to them..."
I think I know where I might have heard that before! *hint hint wink wink*
6/27/2004 c5 PriestSnatcher
O...I told you I'd like this story! You had me from the beginning and the victorian houses...way to set up the action! Lovely setting, I do say so myself!
I also like the character developments, especially of Rudolf. "You're a demon...in a business suit?" Classic. ^_^ You do a good job of making Rudolf a dynamic character...he's kinda foreboding in the beginning, then we see he's not as evil as we thought.
Did I mention I like the name Rudolf? *wink*
Great job, keep up the good work!
5/31/2004 c24 15pinkdragon
This was a very sweet chappy. I wish my guy's mom were as nice as Rudolf's! How many more left? Two more chapters? Will there be a marriage?
5/17/2004 c23 pinkdragon
Aww. . . I DID want to see a catfight, though. Vladimir sounds . . . interesting. Could he create complications later? Only two chapters. We shall see.
ever reading
4/23/2004 c22 pinkdragon
sniff, sniff Do I smell a confrontation?
That's pretty bad, thought, to have finally found your soulmate, change your life to be with him, and then learn he's engaged. I imagine she's pretty upset. So, two more, now, is it? I can't wait to see how this all rolls out.
4/23/2004 c21 pinkdragon
I love the impromtu "fencing" bout! "You forget I'm a Seberist." Only three more chapters? Ach!
I'm glad to be of help, too!
4/15/2004 c20 pinkdragon
What a cliffhanger! I REALLY wanna know what she's gotta do! Update soon . . . er, when you can.
2/17/2004 c19 pinkdragon
Hey, sorry I'm just now getting to this. I wonder who those men are and what Rudolf is doing there. Keep going, chick, you've come too far to give up now!
10/23/2003 c18 pinkdragon
What's she gonna do? Ach, what can she do? Omigosh, I gotta know!


10/23/2003 c17 pinkdragon
OOh, intrigue. I likes.
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