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for The Third Princess

9/15/2003 c1 3Kiyume
I love your storyline! Keep on going and having great ideas!
8/17/2003 c9 2NthNinth
good story, its interesting to see an actual normal person be the hero :)
8/8/2003 c8 AltoidMonkey
Yeah! Go flower people!
8/8/2003 c5 Charleigh
Wow. I am so, like, totally floored. ou have like no idea. Okie. I'm giong to go paint my nails then I'ma come back and read! :-)
8/8/2003 c4 AltoidMonkey
Darn. I wish Aida had powers. Then she could make Linette bald or something.

I really like this story- it's one of my favorites!
8/8/2003 c3 CoulterRocks
I have really enjoyed reading this story so far.
8/8/2003 c2 AltoidMonkey
I like Aidia. She has a great name. Just one suggesstion- be careful with the goshdamned keyboard. It's relly easy to mess up word by adding just one wrong letter in...ad I do it all the time in my stories...but you're much better than me, so good luck!
8/8/2003 c1 AltoidMonkey
Nice! I really like this story!
8/5/2003 c1 Colleen
Great job! :D :D :D :D :D :D Very good story indeed! :3

8/2/2003 c6 1Mirra The Dragon
This is a really good story! I especially love the line: "Firstly, we're not lost; we're merely directionally challenged." *laughs*

Keep writing!
8/2/2003 c1 Dana
The structure of this story is awsome. You use adjectives that make the story come to life!
8/2/2003 c5 what if
Aidia sounds like a truly amazing person. I'm sure that she will get the best of both her sisters in the end. Your story is off to a very intriguing start. I can't wait to find out what happens next! You describe the suroundings in your story beautifully as well. My only suggestion would be to go back and check some of your spelling. But other than that, it is a wonderful start!
8/2/2003 c1 3Katiefoolery
An intriguing introduction. If I were to make one criticism, it would be regarding your descriptions. They are very, very rich and give me an impression that you know everything about the world you're describing - and this is good. However, one or two were perhaps - PERHAPS - a little too long and held up the action a bit. But honestly, because they were well done, it's not all that much of a criticism...

Over all, your grasp of spelling, grammar and style is quite good. You have a definite voice and your main character is fantastic. Well done.

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