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1/19/2007 c9 306Ashelin
I think that stating that was terribly rude, I hope I never said anything like that. Morals are not only found in religion, but just by living and how you are brought up. It is human. Some people are just stupid, and I apologize.
1/19/2007 c4 Ashelin
I pretty much totally agree with you. And you also kind of opened my eyes. Even though I totally disagree with homosexuality, I don't judge them. It isn't my right. I don't even think that a church should be able to turn away someone who is gay or lesbian. That is totally against Christ and Christianity (like you said). I found most of your points very valid, and that I'm not angry at you at all, because I don't think you were attacking me. Or at least it didn't feel like it. Great job, you made me think.
1/19/2007 c1 Ashelin
I would say that the world doesn't change, for these things that people discover have always been, we have just been too uneducated in our understanding of the world to be knowledgable in these things. Though I am absolutely concrete in my faith (yes, I am a Christian) I do not doubt that there are things left to be learned. Yes, I may not be as "open-minded" as other people, but I do not wish learning to come to a halt simply because I know that God exists. If anything, I want to know more.
4/4/2005 c18 7C Shot
I'm tired and not really into arguing at the moment. So I will just tell you that I agree with the part about prostitution because you are right. Simple as that.

However, I disagree with legalizing drugs. You see, I understand and will even appluad your arguement somewhat. But look at my generation, with the exception of me and a few other Striaght Edge people, they are all basically controlled by drugs. By legalizing it and making it easier for them to get it, you might as well nail there coffin shut right now.

Well, that's my mini rant. Have a good night.

4/3/2005 c9 C Shot
Wow... things have changed with me. A year ago (okay maybe two) I would've read this and disagreed with all that I am.

Now that I'm agnostic, I couldn't agree anymore. This is a wonderful piece, but too short to be honest.

3/4/2005 c13 7Illastic
I just *love* these sorts of essays!

As you mentioned before, "speculation can be enjoyable". You give all the sides of an argument, and up till now, I've fully agreed with you (me being an atheist and all). This chapter is the first one to go against a belief that has been drilled into me since day one - the Big Bang theory. Now, first of all, I am so not criticizing you outright. In fact, uber-kudos. I haven't found a single thing that's gone against the Big Bang theory; the Creationists always get the brunt of any attacks on FP (although half the time, they're the ones starting it). You've finally shaken that theory off its pedestal - for that, I thank you. Lol, it's fun being open-minded, isn't it?

Anyhow, on to the next chapter.
3/3/2005 c21 Mbwun
Shh... do not doubt the existence of the Catholic Commandos... or they will come for you...

~He Who Walks On All Fours
1/28/2005 c17 11Imaginary Player
Damn, it seems like *all* of the good left-wingers left after I did. No wonder most of the good politcal essays out lately are by right-wingers. But anyways, I got a chance to read the rest of your chapters and I just wanted to let you know that they're all intelligent and well-thought out, even if I do disagree with the sex and drugs chapter quite a bit. Still though, I hope can find the time to write something else, I do miss the courteous/well informed style you bring to the table.

1/8/2005 c7 144Infinite Smiles
Very intelligent reply to fallingofftheworld's essay!

YOu wrote:"If I wanted to use the word 'chicken' to mean 'toilet', I could, but if I wandered around a public place asking directions to the chicken the chances are I would pee myself before I found what I was looking for."

Thank you for that. That made me laugh and laugh.

Now.. on to the next one.
1/8/2005 c6 Infinite Smiles
The school that I went to for elementary through high school banned Pokemon, because it was a "demonic game". Little kids actually got suspended for bringing them to school. Little chinese beaded bracelets became popular when I was in high school and yes, we weren't allowed to wear them either. Why? They were demonic symbols. In Jr. High. I got my R.L. Stine books taken away in school... I know that it was a Christian private school and so they have the right to make their own rules but, some people really take things overboard.
11/23/2004 c21 57tofujunky
As always, wonderfully written and informative.

Come back soon, Tiefling.

Kiss kiss.

11/23/2004 c21 15No Trust
Well damn, seems I took too long.

Despite what you may think, I never had anything against you and always enjoyed arguing with you. You're probably the only intelligent leftist on FictionPress.
11/22/2004 c1 Le Creature
No! Tiefling! Don't go! Not another sane mind off the net! The world can't survive without you! Argh (-this is the sound of thousands of voices screaming out in madness, slowly drowning out the voice of reason-)
11/22/2004 c21 Tieflign
To the Zaniak- Hehe...great minds?
11/22/2004 c21 90The Zaniak
I am considerably freaked out by this chapter. Last night...literally LAST NIGHT, I looked up Dungeons and Dragons on the net and got introduced to the wonderful world of Jack Chick. I, after hearing some of the absurd things he claims, drew the exact same conclusions as you, that perhaps he is trying to mock the whole system. I was even considering writing an essay such as this one.

...are you following me or something? That's scary stuff.
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