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8/13/2004 c1 14Dirty Wallpaper
sometimes, when im sitting in church and people around me are reciting the creed or something similar in a fashion that can only be described as robotic and slightly scary... i think about truth. i wonder what would happen if all the ancient gods came down and started to shoot everybody in the ass with thunderbolts while laughing and saying "jesus? pfft!"
concrete proof indeed.
but anywho, i liked this. it was very open and accepting i suppose. have off good calm vibes (unlike alot of other pieces of FP.) which was a lovely change. a very intelligent and well thought out chapter, kudos!
P:S - thanks muchly for the review. i suppose i really should research, if not only to avoid spreading the ignorance *wince*. there seems to be alot of that going around lately. anyway, take care.
6/10/2004 c18 33Tiefling
In response to LordK:
'I don't know if you've ever met a drug addict' Yes, several, though only recovering ones.
'Do you think if it was legal he or she would stop doing drugs' I wasn't trying to argue that people who already do drugs would stop because it was legal. That would be strange. Some people probably would do more drugs, though with regulation the drugs they used would be safer. Others would continue doing exactly what they'd been doing. Some people would be more inclined to try drugs, especially the 'softer' drugs, or use them occaisionally, if they were legal, but the average person wouldn't suddenly become a junkie just because they were allowed to. I wouldn't. Would you? So I doubt there would be a doubling in drug related illnesses and deaths. In fact I think it is likely they would level out, or even fall because the available drugs would be safer, and people would not be afraid to bring overdose victims to hospitals.
With proper regulation anything that wouldn't be allowed under the influence of alcohol (driving, operating heavy machinery, performing brain surgery, whatever...) wouldn't be allowed under the influence of other drugs that would affect a person's judgement or coordination. Drugs would need to come with warning labels so that people would know not to combine them dangerously with other drugs (as legal drugs do now). Anyone who ignores these warnings and mixed their drugs anyway deserves what they get. People might hurt themselves or others by combining different drugs, but they can do that already, by mixing, say, alcohol and allergy medication or whatever.
'What about the people who didn't want to take drugs whose lives are put at great risk by drivers smoking pot?' They already are, police who used to lock up people who were minding their own business smoking in their own homes would, under legalisation, have more resources to deal with other crimes, like, for example driving under the influence.
'Also, I take offense to the idea that we Christians are imposing our ideas on other people.'
Tough, because many Christians do just that. I believe it's wrong.
'Other people are also imposing thier ideas on Christians.'
I'm aware of the debate over the pledge of alligience. I can't get too worked up over it because, not being an American, it doesn't affect my life. I think as long as people aren't required to say the 'under God' part there shouldn't be a problem, so removing it shouldn't be necessary. But people imposing their views on Christians, as you put it, doesn't make it right for Christians to do the same thing. Two wrongs don't make a right.
'Also, Christians are expected to not have a problem with homosexuality. Why can't we? Why is it wrong to take a stand for something you have a personal conviction about?'
Feel free to believe what ever you want. I don't care if you think homosexuality is wrong. I just don't think you have the right to enshrine that belief in legislation, thereby infringing on the rights of others. Say what you want about homosexuals, ban them from your church if you want, but you don't have the right to stop them marrying if they want to. Meh...I've already stated my views on that subject at some length.
'And it's not just Christians who believe that certain things are wrong and should be outlawed. Perhaps we seem more vocal, because Christains are in the majority in most of the Western world, but there are others.'
Yes. I didn't say there weren't. So what?
6/9/2004 c18 74LordK
Hmm... this is all very intelligent. Articulate and what not. If I didn't have convictions against prostitution, I might agree with you there. However, concerning the legalization of drugs, I completely disagree.
I don't know if you've ever met a drug addict, but do you think if it was legal he or she would stop doing drugs? They would only do more drugs. And, yes the violent crimes that stem from "people hurting other people" to get drugs would decrease, but I would think that the actual count of deaths related to narcotics would more than make up for it. It would be as if the amount of people who smoke cigarettes suddenly doubled; there could be infinite health risks. Also, to what degree would the drugs be legalized? Could people take drugs and then drive, like drinking and driving? Motor functions and reaction times are affected by marajuana. What about the people who didn't want to take drugs whose lives are put at great risk by drivers smoking pot? Even if smoking and driving was outlawed, if someone had drugs in thier car, how could police know if someone intended to smoke the drugs until they did? And what about drug combinations, like mixing Ecstacy with drugs like Viagra, which can send the body into shock?
Legalizing illegal narcotics would be like doubling or tripling the problems inherent with alcohol and smoking. Not to mention that many illegal drugs are much more potent than alcohol or tobbaco. Why would you want that?
Also, I take offense to the idea that we Christians are imposing our ideas on other people. Other people are also imposing thier ideas on Christians. I'm not familiar with Austrailian law, but one of the best examples I can think of is that in the US, some legislators want to take the phrase "Under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance. It's fine for some people to say it and some not to. Why shouldn't people who believe in God be able to recognize Him in a public setting. And people who don't believe in God could just not say it. And people who believe in Allah, or another god could just say "Under Allah" or something like that. Also, Christians are expected to not have a problem with homosexuality. Why can't we? Why is it wrong to take a stand for something you have a personal conviction about? And it's not just Christians who believe that certain things are wrong and should be outlawed. Perhaps we seem more vocal, because Christains are in the majority in most of the Western world, but there are others.
5/18/2004 c18 James Jago
Well said; like Alan Clarke pointed out in his diaries, you can't legislate against sex. And he should know!
As for the drugs thing, talk to somebody who's used Prozac about what it was like for them.
5/17/2004 c19 No Trust
It doesn’t really matter if she’s responsible for her situation or not; the fact is that any random taxpayer is not responsible for her situation, and doesn’t owe her anything.

I don’t see how it can be moral to tax someone to support someone else. Taxes are ultimately enforced at gunpoint; when you support taxation for an end, you have to realize that you’re saying it is justified to kill someone to get ahold of their money, if that’s what it takes. If people wanted what a tax supposedly paid for they’d pay for it voluntarily, like you do in the market.

You might care about whores and bums you’ve never met, and that’s fine. If you want to support them with your own money, that’s your prerogative—I’m not going to tell you what to do with what is yours. All I’m asking is the same courtesy in return. I don’t want to be saddled with the bills of people I don’t know and couldn’t care less about. How is it fair or moral to force me to pay for their lives? I would have never done anything like that to them, or to anyone else.
5/17/2004 c18 30g21lto
I'm right there with you on prostitution, and I think the "less dangerous" drugs, like marijuana, should be legalized. Here in the US we are facing a rapidly growing prison population for people convicted simply of *posessing* drugs, not dealing them or stealing them, etc. And it always ends up with the poor drug addicts in jail, while the rich and famous ones (notably Rush Limbaugh) end up in rehab. Equal protection under the laws - yep! I'm not so sure about the harder drugs like heroin - bans on them may still prevent more problems than they create. But I'm open to persuasion. Good chappie.
5/17/2004 c18 15No Trust
The best argument one can make in favor of legalizing prostitution, is that it’s not properly anyone else’s business whether someone buys the service of a prostitute or uses drugs. If your spouse is buying sex from a prostitute or your kid is using drugs you don’t want him to use, then you can kick them to the curb. But what other people do with their money or bodies is not your concern.

“To be forced into prostitution, whether by actual physical force, or through economic circumstances (ie. A person feeling she has no other means to make the money she needs to live) would, I imagine, be terrible.”

Being forced to produce some kind of value for value by the fact that no-one is forced to provide you with a free lunch is hardly something I’d call ‘terrible’. If the only marketable skill a woman has is getting guys off, that’s nobody else’s fault. No-one else made her too stupid to get another job. So they shouldn’t have to be forced to provide her with a “safety net”. If she can make a living as a prostitute, then good for her. If not, that’s her problem.
5/17/2004 c1 15dietcoke
Very interesting ideas.
3/3/2004 c17 30g21lto
Wow...are you sure that you aren't some alter-ego in my unconscious mind? This describes, almost exactly, my experience in finding out that *I* was bisexual. Growing up, I always felt more uncomfortable around girls than guys, and for at least the past four years I've been feeling attractions to girls (on hindsight). However, it was only last spring that I started wondering whether I was gay. I'm a bit slow. Anyway, this was a great essay - a good account of your personal experience.
3/3/2004 c9 g21lto
Thank you! Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I have heard that "no morality without religion (as long as it's OUR religion)" line for so long! My church says it, people on here say it ... The assumption that the rejection of a god or god-figure means forgoing morality is non sequitur.
And it also reflects badly on Christians who use it: if your god is all that makes you have any moral system whatsoever, then what does that make *you*? Incapable of rational weighing of right and wrong?
3/3/2004 c1 g21lto
My feelings exactly, especially in the area of religion. I can feel a rant about creation science coming on now, so I'll go ahead and leave. Anyway, good job.
2/22/2004 c16 Blahblahblahhhh
First off I'd like to say I skipped about in the chapters, so if say something you already covered... well when I have time to read this again, I'll kick myself.
Religon I think is ultimentally (or however you spell that cursed word) is decided on how a person views two things.

Fate and Chance.

If you believe in fate when good things happen you are going to thank a divine being and praise him for it. If something happens the divine being is testing your faith to see how you deal with it.

Chance is basically when shit happens, it happens. Same with cool shit as well... to put it bluntly.

I personally believe there is a God, a good one as well. Which is just dandy to me. For example, when I got my job I sat down and filled out the application with one of my friends. My friend put it on the top of the pile. Then my boss promised a job to one of his friend's son, except for my boss's daughter hired me the day my boss was going to hire the other friend's son. Here is where an interesting twist comes in, my friend that filled out the application with me was fired and I picked up most of her hours, then my boss's friend's son got hired as well.

Now how much chance can that be? I dont know, but I believe there was a divine intervention that helped me get the job. Get better hours for the job, then also gave the person who was originally intended to get the job as well.

But then again, it all couldve been a stroke of chance. Meaning that Ive spent countless hours in church for nothing and gave a huge sum of money to an organization for nothing. But until someone proves there isnt a god, I am still gonna believe in it.

Well I am gone, hope my rambling didnt hurt your eyes to much.
2/21/2004 c2 1Lauren K
I like them both. The first one is good; it's true, if you're totally sure, then what's the point of improvement?
One thing that is totally random and not connected with your essay is that some Christians belief they need to convert other people. One of my best friends is a religious Christian, whereas I am a Jewish Atheist (don't ask). I'd love to talk about Christianty, but she seems to want me to suddenly start believing in God. Her father actually kept asking me whether I had "looked inside myself" to see if I needed God. ergh. NO THAT'S WHY I'M AN ATHEIST!
wow, sorry, that had NOTHING to do with your essay...terribly sorry. I also like the second one-what's wrong with letting new people into the country? It's stupid (to me) to assume that all foreigners are terrorists, etc. like you said, why would they come to a place with a higher standard of living to...kill people? don't understand. I liked (and sorry very much for rambling)
thanks for your gay marriage reviews-I agree, family is a very fluid term, but I wanted something solid to go against his argument. Thank you!
2/21/2004 c15 3Le Creature
So Normal and Natural can be contradictory at times? Interesting to think of...
2/12/2004 c9 James Jago
I heartily agree. If I end up face to face with God after I'm dead -which I very much doubt- I'll be more than happy to look Him in the eye and say that I might not have stuck to whatever rules he set down, but I made sure I never hurt anybody else in the process if I could possibly help it.
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