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2/12/2004 c6 James Jago
There are unfortunately some people who DO take this stuff a bit too seriously; there's nothing, however ludicrous, that somebody somewhere won't believe.
2/12/2004 c3 James Jago
A slug is an insect rather than an animal. The version I've heard is 'Elephants are the only MAMMAL that can't jump.' Lemmings do also occasionally drop off cliffs en masse, but this is because they aren't especially bright.
I've read the 'skin-suffocation' myth in a serious textbook on photography, so there may be some truth in it somewhere; I doubt that prolonged full-body coverage would be healthy, at any rate.
2/11/2004 c14 15No Trust
“Personally, I think that it is more laudable to refrain from doing something you believe is bad simply because it is bad, rather than out of fear of punishment from some otherworldly entity.”

What makes it ‘bad’? You might say because it causes suffering, but why is that suffering undesirable? I do think there is an atheistic basis for making moral judgments, but I’m not sure where you’re coming from.

I would say that most people, including most Christians, are amoralists in practice and only refrain from killing, when it’s otherwise convenient, out of fear of the consequences-either being killed or maimed by their intended victim or punished by earthly ‘authorities’.

“An official elected by the people is under no obligation to 'use biblical principles' simply because you personally and some other Christians would prefer it.”

Nevertheless I would be quite happy if elected officials started following certain Biblical principles such as “Thou shalt not steal” and “Thou shalt not murder”. The people interested in following such moral laws have no chance of winning any election, however.

“People of other religions would probably prefer the country to be run according to their religious principles, and they are just as likely to be right as you are.”

Not true. I am right about everything.

“Religion has no place in politics.”

That’s a religious statement.
2/10/2004 c13 No Trust
I’m a creationist in the same sense that any theist necessarily is, but I don’t believe the scientific theories regarding Creationism that I have heard so far. I also don’t believe the Big Bang theory, or Evolution, because they’re wholly and utterly crackpot.
Any scientist who sets out to prove how humanity (or indeed the universe itself) came into being has some kind of political agenda. There’s simply no way to know unless time travel is ever made possible-which would probably mean the end of all life on earth.
2/9/2004 c9 33Tiefling
Thanks for finally reviewing Fallingofftheworld.
With regard to your review of ch. 11- yes it is the essay I emailed to you- I actually said so in the previous chapter.
'It exists therefore there is evidence' is a ridiculous statement, whether you intended it to be persuasive or not, and you really shouldn't claim that something is supported by science (I think the phrase you used was 'correct scientifically') unless you can *prove* it with scientific evidence. That is misleading.
re.ch. 9, most non-Christians are also perfectly well aware that hurting someone else also harms themselves. Naturally they do not believe that it harms the Christian God, but personally I believe that it is better to refrain from doing harm simply because it is bad than out of fear of punishment from some mysterious otherworldly entity.
2/8/2004 c9 18Phoenix Ignition
Believe it or not, I actually agreed with you on some things here. Although Christians may have more reasons not to do something such as murder (i.e the realization that they are not only hurting the victim but themselves and God), I don't think non-Christians are dangerous. Morality is usually enough to keep someone from commiting murder or rape.
2/8/2004 c11 Phoenix Ignition
I don't mind if people quote me. I don't think there's a rule against that. If there is, I think it's unecessary and annoying.
Anyway, my essay (The one you quoted) wasn't really meant to be persuasive, or else I would have added more scientific reasoning.
I would always prefer a Christian was elected president, but if a non-Christian was elected, I wouldn't mind it. What I was meaning is this: If they are elected, they should use biblical principles. Besides, you can't always know for a fact if someone is a true Christian or not.
And my thing about 'It exists, therefore there is evidence' wasn't supposed to be persuasive, either. It merely means that I can, in fact, know that Christianity is a reality, even if I can't actually prove it to someone else.
Anyway, the essay itself was decent, and somehow very familiar. Isn't this the one you e-mailed to me?
2/6/2004 c7 74LordK
Okay, last one, I promise.
IF people are born gay is a BIG if. What scientific proof do we have that there is a "gay" gene. And then still, how do we know that that gene, if it does exist, is not akin to the gene that makes people fat, in that it does not actually MAKE people gay, but just gives them a higher propensity for homosexuality. (I know some will disagree with my analogy, but oh, well). For all I know, I have that gene. I'm not exactly the most macho-type guy out there... I don't understand sports AT ALL, I occasionally comment on my female friends makeup, and I know why when some women cry it makes little black marks below thier eyes whereas some do not. I even occasionally *gasp* use the phrase "OMG!" and jump up and down for no appearant reason. Yeah, I know those are sterotypes, but my point is that, until I see proof, I will remain firm in believing that no one is born as a homosexual.
I also believe that premarital sex, as well as having children out of wedlock is wrong (that does not, however, reflect on the child at all). I have even (despite my best efforts to find otherwise) decided that masturbation is wrong. I was sad that day. Anyway, the point is that the Bible speaks out against sexual sins and that rape is not the only sexual sin. There are sexual sins, which, although accepted by most codes of ethics, are also wrong morally besides rape. Sorry, it's just the truth. Okay, finally, I'm shutting up. *And a murmur of "Thank God or whatever" comes up from anyone unfortunate enough to read this*
2/6/2004 c4 LordK
Hey, this is an awesome essay! You are a great writer. It is amazing how you come up with so many ideas, and you express them very articulately and open-mindedly.
Okay, here's my take on it...
Christianity preaches forgiveness and love, so you are entirely right about the Church "hating the sin and loving the sinner". Just as God loved us while we were (and are) sinners, we should love those who we believe to be sinners! One question though... you said that Christains need to be tolerant, and homosexuals need to "understand why some Christians act this way before they can change their minds" Isn't it possible that we Christians are right? It IS a possiblity, right? So, maybe Christians need to do the same thing, and try to find out why homosexuals and their supporters believe that it is alright to be gay?
Also, you talked about the church appearing backwards and getting "bad publicity". As for the appearing backwards, that is just going to happen, just like some Christians would believe that you are backwards for thinking what you think. It is cruel to advocate abandoning children, but to refuse membership to a church for a person who is gay and has absolutely no intention of changing that... it's debatable. I tend to err on the side that says gays should be allowed in churches. It's not like it's contagious, and it is truly a chance to minister to people in a lifestlye of sin. (and the idea that gays are in a sinful lifestyle is just one that I believe in and think the Bible supports.)And the "bad publicity" thing is just ridiculous. EVERYONE gets bad publicity from people who don't believe what they believe. From the standpoint of someone who is purely doing personal relations for a church, (not me, but hypothetically...) wouldn't it be MORE dangerous to alienate people who believe otherwise that are already in the church.
Okay, that's what I think. I know, I should quit blabbing on in your essay, but give me a break, more people will read if I write a reply to this than if I made my own topic. (69 reviews... I am so jealous!)
2/6/2004 c9 LordK
While I have yet to read your other writings, I found the link to this piece from your review of Agent, call me's "On Evolution", which I found from the bio of... Okay that's another story. Anyway, I thought you had some interesting ideas, but as I am a Christian, my beliefs do not permit me to believe most of what you have written. That being said I do agree with the idea that atheists and agnostics have morals as well. OF course they do. Everyone has morals, and you don't have to be Christian, or of ANY religion to be a good person. What Christianity teaches (and what I believe) is that the difference between a good person and a good Christian person is where they will spend eternity. But I know you do not want to hear me proselytize so I'll stop there.
I also agree that anyone can benefit from seeing another person's point of view, and that is a universal truth (do you believe in those? Just wondering)
The fact is that among everybody there are disagreements. I, like you, think that people who believe that Christians are the only ones with ethics are WRONG (and also rather stupid, as all you have to do is read a history book to see many figures who were great people even though they were not Christians. Ghandi especially comes to mind...). I, unlike you, believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And as much as I can pray for you, it is still a personal decision. And I will pray, because that is what, as you said, I believe it is right.
However, I saw a few inconsistencies.
You say that people should discuss their viewpoints civilly. From what I understand from your writings, you have come to the conclusion that the idea of God is an impossible one. This could just be conjecture on my part, but that is what I think. Now, how can you believe that people can learn from others point of view if you dismiss the idea of God, but haven't heard about Him from everybody's viewpoint. Beliefs about God can differ from person to person and even, as I'm sure you've noticed, from Christian to Christian.
Also, you said that many "systems of ethics" can work alongside Christianity. That is not true.
Anything that does not give reverence to God, and recognize Him and His Son as the ONLY path to both heaven and TRUE happiness (See the book of Ecclesiastes, although it differs from your beliefs, I think you might find it an interesting read...) is against Christianity. The idea that either real, lasting joy or heaven can be derrived from any source besides HIM and JESUS CHRIST is completely against what I believe the Bible teaches. Once again, this is what I, as well as many others, believe.
One last thing, and then I'll (finally) shut up. Where did you find that the average Atheist or Agnostic is equally likely as a Christian to steal or murder? And then, what is your definition of a Christian? Just wondering!
This was an excellently written piece, and I do believe that you have inspired me to write some essays of my own, so thank you, and God Bless!
1/17/2004 c1 flierdeke
I completely agree... So many people don't like to think, so they find something they can believe, make up their minds, and then that's over with.
It's just the same with eating meat - ever noticed that a disproportionately large number of vegans and vegetarians are freethinkers?
1/11/2004 c1 carmice3
You say faith is a excuse not to think for some people. This might well be true, I am in fact certain.
But consider this: I, as one of the faithful, envy the skeptics. Faith is not rational, it simply exists. As an otherwise rational person my deviation into irrationality irks me to no end.
Some people cannot believe in things outside their experience; others cannot help but believe.
1/11/2004 c5 Nothing to read
i applaud thee. Very good essay. I am not homophobic at all, actually, i support the homosexuals, though i am straight as far as i know. (hey, i'm only 14, it's not like i've expiremented or anything.) I wonder though, how young do people consider too young to learn about homosexuals? I've known about for as long as i can remember, my friend too. But, i digress. Very good essay.
1/5/2004 c11 57tofujunky
Thank god, it's back - Woohoo!

You covered and argued every point so well; You have yet to disappoint me.

"Just as Fallingofftheworld doesn't like the idea of Wiccans, Moslems, Atheists or other non-Christians ruling the country according to their beliefs, many non Christians don't want Christians to be in charge and subjugate people of other faiths."

If it's a threat to their religion, it's a threat to them. This is why, I believe, a lot of Middle Easterns are reluctant to trust US and the reasons for our current occupation of their lands - religious differences is the wall that bars the US from being truly accepted or welcomed. And idiotic statements from our leaders does nothing to help ease their fears and suspicions:

"This crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while." - George W. Bush

"But who is that enemy? It's not Osama bin Laden . . . the enemy that has come against our nation is a spiritual enemy. His name is Satan . . . I knew that my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God, and his was an idol." - Lt. Gen. William Boykin

The scary thing is that Fallingofftheworld does not seem to realize that his words are quite similar to those of the Islamic fanatics we deem dangerous:

"The Americans' intentions have also become clear in statements about the need to change the beliefs, curricula and morals of the Muslims to become more tolerant, as they put it. In clearer terms, it is a religious-economic war." - Osama Bin Laden

"This is why religion should be kept out of politics."

*gives hug*

- tofujunky

"The surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him." - Robert Benchley (1889 - 1945)
1/4/2004 c11 MrFlames
Logic: the mental day-after pill.
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