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9/18/2003 c3 Le Creature
"...I point out to them that skin suffocation is a myth ... A little basic knowledge of human anatomy should be enough to tell them that."

Indeed, humans can't die of "skin suffering." However, remember: this doesn't apply to all animals. Frogs, for example, might not do so well if painted...
9/14/2003 c7 123breakdown in the waiting room
Oh! *claps hands* Beautiful 7th essay! Smart and civil. I loved it. I've put this on my favorites list and plan to read the other essays.

Also, I hope the day you have your civil union is wonderful :) I wish you both all the best!

-Prozac Nation
9/13/2003 c7 33Tiefling
I will fix this in the body of the essay, but I don't have time right now, so this will have to do.

Having reread Fallingofftheworl's essay, it says, 'Divorce is not normal, except where adultery is involved, incest..." ie. he was saying *divorce* was okay, not incest. It may be that that comma wasn't there before he has since fixed it (he said in his summary he's fixed some mistakes, including his earlier claim that civil unions didn't mean a real commitment), or more likely I just read it wrong- my apologies. Still, this is a risk you take when you lump things like divorce and incest together as if they were morally equal. Incest is considered wrong by most cultures and people of most religions. Divorce, on the other hand, is very much accepted by many Christians, and whether God approves of it depends entirely on who you talk to.
9/10/2003 c7 Mbwun
Ah, couldn't have said it better myself. An excellent rebuke to an extremely misguided essay.

~He Who Walks On All Fours
8/30/2003 c4 Tiefling
To Fugiguru- Anyone writing on this topic is going to be biased to some extent. I don't think I was unfair, though.

I'm well aware that the section in the Bible on homosexuality is in the old testament, which contains lots of other things most modern Christians dispense with. What of that? The fact is that many Christians DO discriminate against gays, and use the Bible as their justification for this. Right or wrong (and I believe it's wrong, as I said) it happens.

I didn't say that ALL Christians did, though perhaps I should have mentioned something about the minority of Churches which openly welcome gays. I haven't really come across this attitude much though (and I speak as someone who has belonged to Churches of three different denomenations and been to services, prayer meetings and social events for many others, including Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox). I am not 'targeting' Christians in general. I am just annoyed with those specific Churches which do the things I mentioned. Why so defensive? If you want to hear what I think about people who are anti-gay for secular reasons, read the next chapter.

I didn't say that the Pope had threatened to excommunicate gays. I said he would be within his rights to do so if he chose since it's his Church, whereas he doesn't have the right to use his influence over politicians to try and have gay marriages banned.

'Homosexuality is a sin like any other in the eyes of the Church' And your point is?

Just one in a million- thanks for all the reviews! Your pen name has put a Whitlams song in my head- there's this cool line:

"She was one in a million, so there's five more just in New South Wales'
8/27/2003 c4 9fugiguru
about the part about gay people: i agree that homsexuals should be allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies, but i don't understand why you are only targeting christians in your essay. the only place in the bible that it says that homosexuality is wrong in in the old testament. that is the part of the bible that jewish people are supposed to strictly follow, not christians. the old testament also told us that we are not allowed to eat ham, so some parts of it are questionable. it seems odd to me that you target chrsitians, who are only required to follow the new testament. where is the fairness here? you say nothing of the churches that have stated they will openly accept gays in their churches, even if they don't agree with what they're doing. oh wait, that's because it is on page 11 in the newspapers, buried under other blather. the pope has not once stated that he would "excommunicate" gay catholics. homosexuality is a sin like any other in the eyes of the church, not better or worse than stealing or lying. please try to not be so baised when you write.
8/27/2003 c5 1Just one in a million
Well, nice choice of words. The real issue of this whole thing is for the people to get along. that is the only solution...
8/27/2003 c4 Just one in a million
There has been a big explosion of debates over this topic of gays and their marriages. Once again, I agree with what you stated in this chapter. My opinion is that maybe people should try and see past the religions and all that and see each other and see what the other person is feeling. After all, we are all human. We may not get along, but that is no reason to shun others who don't agree with everything you say!

Oh and have a happy wedding ^_^
8/27/2003 c3 Just one in a million
I think I'll go and look up the urban myths that I have heard about... Isn't it amazing how we don't stop and think for a minute...? I guess we are all just trying to find some meaning in this confusing world...
8/27/2003 c2 Just one in a million
Finally! Thank, thank you! At last, an end to the horrible and foolish myth saying that others coming to one's country will take all their jobs and whatnot. Let there be no more false knowledge on this subject! ^_^
8/27/2003 c1 Just one in a million
Hmm. You wrote of interesting things in this first chapter here. And basically I agree with you. Well, I'm going to go and read the others... ^_^
8/20/2003 c4 Mbwun
I agree. And frankly (and let me just say that I'm a Roman Catholic, and everyone knows it's okay for people to make fun of their own race/religion/hair color), the Pope has zero ground right now for any moral argument, *especially* a subject of a sexual nature. Come back when you haven't been concealing evidence of sexual abuse in the Church for fifty or so years!

~He Who Walks On All Fours
8/20/2003 c4 33Tiefling
That the Pope is basing his censure of gays on a Church document as well as the Bible doesn't make any difference. That's basically just saying 'some earlier Pope said so too'. So what?

Yes, is a socio cultural matter, so the Pope has the right to *comment* on it, but calling for Catholic politicians to use their political power to put a stop to gay marriage is doing a lot more than 'commenting'.

At least the Roman Catholic Church is upholding the 'love the sinner, hate the sin' idea. Good on them for that.
8/19/2003 c4 4my two centavos
First of all, the reason all behind the Pope's decision was not based on the Bible alone. I checked my old textbook from my class in Christian Life Education (yes, i study in a Catholic school). It says that homosexual acts (gay sex) is wrong but being homosexual is not. Everyone, including homosexuals and are also called to chastity and are not allowed to engage in sexual intercourse with the same sex. This is NOT from the Bible but from a Church document. The second reason behind this is because it violates the sanctity of marriage. It is supposed to be a sacred union between a man and a woman.

Another reason why the Pope said that this is a socio-cultural matter, therefore he has a right to have his say because it affects everyone including Catholics. However, he is not forcing his hand on governments to ban gay marriages because that is the decision of the governments around the world.

As for other denominations and some Roman Catholic priests, I don't know what in the world they are doing. Like you said, Christianity is supposed to be all about love and understanding. Many Protestant Churches are basing their anti-gay campaign on the Bible alone in which it defines very little about this issue. Another is that most of the Bible is NOT to be taken literally. It has to be better understood first before applying it especially with issues today.
8/19/2003 c4 15No Trust
You’re right on this one. The State should not intrude on the Church’s business (and ideally should not exist in the first place) and the Church should not try to wield coercive power to interfere in the free will of others.

The debate need go no further than these two points.

Live and let live works just fine for me.
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