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8/3/2003 c2 8HNMN Commander for the Right
Again I'm writing as I read so if it's scattered I apologize.

I have never said (and would be surprised if Admiral has said) that everyone who comes to this country wishes to do us harm. In fact, a very good friend of my family is not an American citizen (yet). He came here from the Philippines (probably spelt that wrong but oh well) and he has made a great life for himself and he has contributed greatly to our society. What I have said is that the weak laws that allowed him to enter this country so easily could just as easily let in terrorists and criminals. This is proven by the fact that in November of 2001, Muhammad Atta (the ring leader of the 9-11 terrorists) was issued a student visa. That was almost THREE MONTHS after he died in a failing attempt to ruin our great nation!

Article 14 guarantees that everyone can seek a better life in another country, away from political prosecution. The key word there is that the can SEEK it. It does not have to be granted to them. That law was put into place so that no gov't could stop its citizens from escaping "political prosecution". It by no means forces Australia, America, or any other nation to give them that life. We do not have to accept refuges, gov'ts just can't stop them from leaving.

It would cost the gov't less to let them out in the community, but it would as safe. A government's prime responsibility is to protect the safety of ITS OWN CITIZENS. Not foreign refuges, no matter their age, or their tragic story.

Don't be so foolish as to think that foreign refuges help our economy. As a whole (obviously there are many exceptions, but I'm talking about refuges as a group) are a drain on our economy from the moment they step on our soil. Starting with the guards that have to be put there to keep them out.

It doesn't matter what kind of drive to achieve you have. You can not simply spin the globe, point your finger at a country and say, "I'm gonna live there when I grow up." There is no logical reason why a country should have to take refuges. It is a security risk, it’s a drain on our economy, and it is bad for the citizens of the area. (Point: hospitals in Texas having to go out of business because illegal immigrants come over the border, go to emergency rooms where they have to be treated, and then leave without paying. They have no insurance so the hospital has no way of getting the money back, but they still have to treat the criminals. Soon the hospitals go out of business. You explain to me how that is good for the economy. Thousands of people lose their jobs, not to mention the safety risk that is a result of less emergency rooms. Language tutoring, consoling; All that costs more money. More drain on the economy.

Refuges are survivors, but why does that mean we have to let them in our countries? So that we are forced to become survivors as well? That may sound selfish, but I don't want my life, or the life of my family to be of lesser quality simply because those people have a sad story.


PS: Sorry that was long.
8/2/2003 c1 15No Trust
I agree with your position on the matter, but not with your leftist reasoning.

People who say “love it or leave it” are relying on a collectivist premise that we all somehow are the property of the government and owe it loyalty, or that “society” (always depicted as an entity and an end or virtue unto itself) has some kind of authority of its own. In truth society is nothing but a plurality of individuals, none of whom owe any of the others *anything*, but who voluntarily cooperate with each other to achieve their desires. No one has any right to make someone leave his own property or the property of his land lord (a third party) because he does not like that individual’s opinions of the government. Or for any other reason.

“Love it or leave it” superpatriotism is undeniably collectivist. Like all collectivist concepts, it is inherently evil, and I oppose it.
8/2/2003 c1 8HNMN Commander for the Right
I am probably one of the people you are talking about when you talk about the review war, but I agree with you that it is stupid to say something like "If you don't like it, leave." I don't think i have ever said that, and if I have then that was a stupid thing to say on my part.


PS: I also took a page out of Raekwon's book and started one of my own venting sesions. It's called, "My Rantings and Ravings" in case you want to check it out. My first topic; the all gay high school that is going to start up in New York.
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