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8/25/2003 c5 3Jenn-chan aka KristinaToffland
Chris and Elizabeth are cute together! wow, i wonder what's going to happen next! keep up the good work! Kris
8/15/2003 c4 Jenn-chan aka KristinaToffland
This just gets better and better! yes, congrats, you're on my favorite story list! the whole thing with kevin and brian teasing liz was too cute for words! living with trey duvall has been updated, so please come by and review! thanks, hope to hear from ya soon, lataz, Kris
8/13/2003 c1 IdoWhatIWant89
Kooley... keep writing! I am adding you to amy favorite authors list
8/13/2003 c3 KRistina toffland
as always great stuff! keep up the good work and i will read! thanks for reviewing living with, if you have time please read betrayal by a mother too, i need more readers! thanks, lataz, Kris
8/4/2003 c2 Jenn-chan aka KristinaToffland
i think it's got potential! i would like to read more! and if you can can you come and read one of my fics, i'm always looking for new readers! thanks, great job again, and hope to hear from ya soon, lataz, Kris

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