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for The Morning After

6/10/2004 c1 Catch Ya Later Alligator
It's so beautiful. I like to think they're both female, because that makes it prettier and sweeter in my mind. :)
I've never been in that sort of situation, but I hope that when I am, I can feel as happy as they do.
You did a wonderful job expressing emotion.
I'm going to read some of your other stuff, now.
3/31/2004 c1 Joker
U fucking pervert go to hell
9/10/2003 c1 libras
This is truly beautiful, so similar to how i hope my fist "morning after". Im glad to know Im not the only one who thinks that waking up holding a lover can feel better than sex.
8/18/2003 c1 ex-angel too lazy to log in
*sighs* this is wonderful. and its so true about the morning after. this is almost exactly what happened with my girlfriend and me...its really wonderful, finally waking up with someone in your arms. awesome job, its beautiful.
8/15/2003 c1 deora
When someone writes a story as beautiful and emotional like this, it usually is dedicated to a special one... I wonder who that lucky girl is...

~Little Star
8/9/2003 c1 Jessica Lynne
Beautiful simply beautiful!
8/9/2003 c1 timbodi
Short but sweer. I really liked it and look forward to reading future stories from you.

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