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1/22/2004 c1 9Lunar Wulf Gemini
This story is interesting... good enough that I actually logged in to review... augh! Your whatever doesn't take anonymous reviews... sigh... I'm lazy sometimes. Anyway. Your writing style is impressive. I like your descriptions and creativity.
12/23/2003 c1 7nanima
Oh my god! You said 'lose' instead of 'loose'! I LOVE YOU! *tackles computer monitor* "Jessie started to lose her patience and was now getting very annoyed with Nick." YES! That's IT! Goddamn you've got it! I love you love you love you love you! ^_^ *ahem* Sorry bout that. Can you tell that I'm a grammar freak? *cackles* Though I make mistakes, too (it's easier to make them when no one corrects you, huh?). Anyway, you probably think I'm crazy, but at least I like your story-and love your writing! No really. You have a good writing style. For example, when Jessie was having the dream at the very beginning of the chapter, I got totally sucked in, almost as if I was there. Yep. That's good stuff...*nods* Hm, I should probably shut up now so that my craziness does not rub off on you. -_-;
11/15/2003 c2 7Destin
This is long but I like it. Continue please.

That's cool ow Maycher wanted to be a pilot and all.

11/4/2003 c2 6Ashley Elizabeth Rodriguez
I also forgot to say that..no offence!...the names are very...American! I don't know but...that bothers me in a manga. But i also saw that they aren't in Japan or any Asian country for that matter...hmm...anyway, just take my advice to heart nad maybe change the names if you want, I don't really care, their nice names. I like the story so far so please don't give up hope and...yeah...

-Chinese Youkai Taijiya Kihok
11/4/2003 c1 Ashley Elizabeth Rodriguez
First...this story...the spacing is very annoying and hard to read. Uh...you should accept anonomys reviews too and you'll get a bunch more, kay?

I gave you advice!

Great story so far!

-Chinese Youkai Taijiya Nodoka

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