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for My Sweet, Androgynous 'Lover'

5/8/2005 c1 6Dead Darling
Ah, the rhythm! The rhyme! The... everything. Everything about it was gorgeous. Stunning. And... I'm just going to repeat myself. Actually, this is my favorite poem of yours.
7/3/2004 c1 romancingthemoon
This is like...those candy necklaces, but replace the candy with a sticky-sweet lover and the thread with sarcasm.
Lovely as usual. And yes, to say it again, the Shakespeare quote wraps it up nicely.
6/20/2004 c1 123breakdown in the waiting room
I have realized, quite shamefully, that I have had you on my favourites for quite some time and haven't reviewed any of the pieces you have up, so I'm going about mending this with as many reviews as possible.
This is one of my favourite poems ever. There's just this vibe about it, this lovely little coyness and a kind of. . .it's like sitting in the semi-dark wrapped in silk. The rhyme is perfect, and I love the borrowed passage (A Midsummer Night's Dream is my favorite Shakespeare play), though it takes a few reads to get into the change in rhyme. The repitition is wonderful, and the words. . .I love the words you chose and how they're strung together.
6/7/2004 c1 37wingless
this is really cool abnd pretty. i like the visuals. the repitition works very well. i like the sense i get of you from your writing it's very cool. thank you so much for your review
1/6/2004 c1 28frugale
I love you.
You managed to blend rythm, rhyme and somehow, free verse. I just love the whispered repeating, and the introduction, and the concept underneath it all ...
with the screaming in the end, borrowed from another.
You carry on such strong feelings in your poem. Again, I love you.
9/27/2003 c1 carterxoxo
that gave me goose bumps all over. it's too bad that wasn't a come on because even a hetero girl like me couldnt have resisted that. i love your vocabulary and the way you use it, you always have such a melodius flow. I also really loved the way you put Puck in there; it really made it come together. Your poems are so depthy that you could derive hundreds of different meaning from each stanza making it apply to everyone. kudos to you my friend. thank you for all my reviews as well it was a real honor to recieve attention from one of my most beloved authors, like a master to his apprentice.
9/22/2003 c1 17fontanellemonster
"My sweet, androgynous ‘lover,’

she brings me to my knees

she’s full of grotesque sugar

she’s so eager to please..."

Bah. I'm so lazy. So I'll just paste that there and tell you that you're super-specially-talented.
8/24/2003 c1 38Shadafakup

I don't know what to say.. Dark, very dark.. And very vivid at the same time..

Scary.. And the use of repetition made the piece all the more 'grotesque'..

Its so.. Well, I can't describe this.. Its worth much more than a 'I loved this piece' though I did love it..

Some of the words used and the way you twisted them were amazing.. "charred charcoal of our clothing", "Stuck together with our pus" etc.. Phew.. It was fantastic, phrasing and all..

The repetition here was really well done.. I don't know how you thought to use it, but when you did, it was lovely.. It brings the whole thing together in this well chilling way..

.. Yes, and the little passage from dear old william, did help everythin to fall in place, flawlessly..

Wonderful piece, you do have talent..


P.S. I wanted to send you a mail to thank you for placing me on my fav list.. And now to think you've even placed me on your bio.. Man, I really have to thank you.. Honestly, I feel very very honoured, you think too highly of me.. All the same, thank you for the encouragement.. Its great knowing someone appreciates you..
8/15/2003 c1 64Black Tangled Heart

made me smile and made me think.

you've got such talent.
8/12/2003 c1 GoodbyeDeleteThisPage
Oh God, the passage from a Midsummer Nights Dream brought it all together. Imagining someone screaming that just makes you either want to jump up yell or to cry in a corner.

Beautiful, beautiful, so beautiful.


8/11/2003 c1 358Eulogy of the Scorned
I like this. I like this a lot. It's darkly funny in it's own funky kind of way! I love it!

- Kris
8/11/2003 c1 Wrong Name Tag
I think more could be added to it, but this is your style and it's great like this. Real original and awesome phrasing. Great job

8/11/2003 c1 Leigh Nithra
i like it, just very repetitive

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