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for title still unknown

8/21/2014 c17 levi97100
good but sad and the song did it mean anything?
8/9/2006 c4 5Brittany Getz
Hi! I just happened upon your story in the middle of a sleepless night editing my own stories. If you haven't already got a title I may have one for you... All Dark Roads Lead To Somewhere. Just thought i'd share that. Great story. i really love it.Thanks,Brittany Getz
3/11/2006 c17 deletemyaccount2012
A good story so far. Hope you update soon.
1/11/2006 c13 28HeartbreakersHorizon
thank you for reviewing to my story. I'll put the first chapter up as soon as i get more reviews. For another name for yur story how about Our common dark woes of secrets
1/10/2006 c2 HeartbreakersHorizon
I thought of a title that you could use for this story. how does this sound: Having something in common btw us. tell me wat you think by reviewing to my new story- An Untold Obsession.
1/10/2006 c1 HeartbreakersHorizon
a good story. keep up good work
12/8/2005 c1 Tess
Hey, i just got through this story. Please you have to update!
9/1/2005 c17 59Darkest Angels
This is such an awsome story... i cant wait till you update! anyways.. plz keep on writting even if your depressed... it helps me so maybe it'll help you.-Darkest Angels
8/9/2005 c17 136LilLaTLuv

Uh-oh! A lot of the time, after people have been hurt a lot, they tend to think they don't deserve a good thing when it comes there way. And she definately deserves it! I hope you update soon! I need to know what will happen!

Luv ya,Tashi :)
7/17/2005 c17 1Bittersweet Heartbreak
This is one of the best storys I have ever read. I loved it and cant wait to read more.
7/3/2005 c4 2SophisticatedLolita
This story is set at a good pace, there aren't any boring moments. That’s one of the best things in a Teen Novel. I will be adding you to my favorite authors list, but I have a few points to address:

1. I feel that the Preps are objectified unfairly, not every cheerleader is a stereotypically malicious hellion. Your use of labels is offensive, not to me personally, but to all cheerleaders that don't fit the stereotype.

2. Insane Asylums no longer exist. Mental care institutions do.

4. In chapter 7 Bridget’s reaction to Frank's f* Margerie does not go with her personality at all. It's not realistic.

You can expect more in depth reviews of later chapters from me, but I needed to get caught up to all the regular reviewers by reading all the past chapters.
4/15/2005 c16 73Senorita Diabla
Just saw the comment you made... =(. While yes, it does have its faults, it's still a really good read. Trust me, this isn't NEAR as poser-goth as most of the stuff on fictionpress. If it really sickens you that much, could you please rewrite it to where you can stand it? An author is always their own worst critic... And so incredibly many people liked this! Please?

4/15/2005 c17 Senorita Diabla
*stifles tears* Why did you drop the story? This was friggin awesome! I love Frank's character (I keep thinking of Frank from Donnie Darko), his image, how he acts toward people. And Brooke... She's intrigueing; familiar, almost. Very brooding. Kind of reminds me of me =P. I really want to know what happens... Haha, I know what it would be were it my own story, but I can't write for more than a few chapters of ANYthing, and it isn't my own work, so I suppose I can't say much. I hope you get your inspiration back sometime soon, I really do want to know what happens =(.

*adds to favorites* - because you rule ^_^.

11/26/2004 c17 3DruscillaHawke
oh, i love it i love it i love it. hope you get another chapter up, and soon.

6/11/2004 c8 NirvanaRule
The Red HAT Chili Peppers! hehehehehehehehehehe! That's like when my gran called Nirvana 'Nevada', but that was my GRAN so this is funnier! Boy, I sure got a laugh out of it! I'm a little hyper coz I'm going to see the Chili Peppers live tomorrow!Yayness! Wasn't Hillel Slovak an awesome guitarist! Anyway, I really like this story (and not just for that gag). It's interesting.
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