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2/14/2010 c1 11naraka
this was quite interesting! their names specially since sometimes I read them so fast it almost made a strange sentence... leMOny was a crown prince? I want to see how that'll turn out and I enjoyed very much when he turned into a kitten and the Mentor took him away, he was adorable by my imagination! he has a bite when he wants too with that spoon of his and fiery, which I enjoyed very much since he has a backbone and I'm thinking he'll need it in the future...

Please update soon, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
11/3/2007 c1 fyre byrd
I really like Gil and the way he's so much more savvy than your run of the mill unsuspecting prince in disguise. I also find it pleasant the way Gilnaryn seems far too effete to be capable of anything as effective as what he does to really get Gil's attention. I like the unusual name of the tavern and the silly names of the tavern's denizens are a pleasant diversion. I like the story a lot and am interested in seeing what might happen next.
8/18/2004 c1 18Val Mora
This is like an epic fantasy that refuses to take itself seriously (and has been hitting the crack a little hard lately). I like it. I assume that you're not going to update any time soon, which makes me rather sad, but I like the beginning. ^_^ A toast to kitty-boys, then.
7/14/2004 c1 6xenocaster
*gets a fake air of importance* well!... dont just stand there.UPDATE you fools!
j/k but it would be nice if you brought this out of haitus and added a few chapters. i love this story so far
12/28/2003 c1 7Bloaty Kitsu
*laughs* *laughs some more* *rolls around* *continues laughing*
`*cough* Right, so, THAT WAS AWESOME! I think you should most definitely continue this story...FUNNY! Okay, and LeMOny is cool. *smiles* *giggles* *laughs* *laughs some more* okay...let's not repeat this...
11/13/2003 c1 4Raz Nic an t-Saoir
The humour in this is great, really irreverant and off-the-cuff. I also noticed a slight undercurrent of bitchiness to some of the remarks and look forward to seeing more feistiness manifested in future characters. In short, well done.
8/30/2003 c1 31kalmia raphael
heh, i like it. had a nice laugh at the names, too ^^;; hope to read more!
8/25/2003 c1 Karasu Tendo
Cyute! *laughs* He turned him into a kitten! That's just too adorable. ^_^ There will be more, right? Please? Because it's really very quite cute.
8/16/2003 c1 Karu Leonnese
Heh. n.n Very neat. Gotta love the names, really. And bards are always fun! =D Hope for updates soon!
8/14/2003 c1 Ayakaishi Fei
*giggles* Lovely... I liked the names, the characters, the writing style, the flow. Nice job. Can't wait for more!
8/14/2003 c1 Crab Apple Fairy
That was brilliant!

::snickers uncontrollably::
8/10/2003 c1 15Illian
it's cuteness *cutennes* and coolness as well. can't wait to read more!

~!shadow kei!~
8/10/2003 c1 12IHJ
*laughing* It's a very different style of your other story. It's a good start, very humorous in dialogue and description. I like LeMOny's scornfulness. Here's hoping you update A.S.A.P.
8/10/2003 c1 8Le Meg
This was fantastic. Utterly hilarious, and both of the characters were just wonderful. I love your style of writing.. you just can't help but smile! And the names.. Really Askew. Absolutely brilliant. I now have names for my children.
8/10/2003 c1 3Aphrael
Wow, that was great! :D I was just perusing casually, but it totally hooked me! The dialogue and the action... it's great! Your characters are original and fun, and so far the happenings are amusing and interesting. I have only one question: where's the rest? ^_~ I'll be watching for more.

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