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for Unwanted Duty

8/31/2007 c1 Hello
I'm sorry, but I have to agree with the DA. Defense attorneys are primarily what give lawyers a bad name. Personally I think they're all arrogant jackasses.

Loved your story though! Your writing style is excellent, and I love the depth of your characters!

Keep up the good job!
4/12/2006 c9 Shay
You're dialogue is good, and the storyline is a good and well-thought out idea, may I suggest though? More action. Show what the character is doing, how they feel, etc rather than telling it through dialogue in every sentence.
2/4/2005 c9 13Tenshistar
Awesome story! I really like it so far. I hope you continue to update. It sounds like its going to be fun. I can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the good work. You rock!
4/1/2004 c9 colleen
This story is really good. But question, dont trials normally take a while to come up, maybe the trila should b like two cahpters away, and the next chapter should b the date lol/. I think that joe and beth should show up on teh date, like he followed her to make hre jealous, itd b cute! lol but im sure u alreayd hav a great idea
4/1/2004 c2 Colleen
This is really good! it's the first story ive read at this site, but i like it alot, i also love romance so i hope that she and joe become one of those love you/hate you thigns lol
2/21/2004 c9 6Onion Ring
Nice story. It's really cute. I tried to review before, but it di dnot work. I like Olivia, she is really down to Earth and Matt is somewhat developed. I want to see what happens so please continue! Also can you review my fics? Thanks. Keep writing
2/20/2004 c9 3Jenn-chan aka KristinaToffland
i just found this fic and i have a feeling it's just going to get better! keep up the good work and please come and review my fic when you get a chance, thanks
2/15/2004 c7 IllhaveJacksomeday11
Awesome story! I love it, and I can't wait to read more!
2/14/2004 c8 3Haute Couture
I like this. Jay vs. Joe? Just the one thing, the two 'J' names are pretty complicating (to someone like me).
Update soon!
2/14/2004 c8 Emily
This is so exciting! An update after about forever. Anyways, this got even more exciting when another guy was introduced. This is getting really good.
1/31/2004 c6 Sociopath-Prodigy
Cool story, would like to more arguements and friction between Joe and olivia though.
8/25/2003 c7 12Little Mermaid
okay...just read the last chapter. uh huh...sure they won't answer why. the first step's always the hardest. so they go swimming on their first date...most people opt for dinner and a movie or something, but okay, if that's what they want. he's sweet to play baseball with ethan.

update asap
8/23/2003 c6 5aqua-angel
Not bad, I like it. I'm a little confused about the whole Joe/ lawyer thing. Isn't he helping her on the case? So why was he all "Ur his attorney, not me." Strangely, his personality doesn't seem to fit one of a lawyer's. Perhaps we'll get to see him in action in court, fun! I dunno but great work.
8/23/2003 c6 3Haute Couture
hey, nice chapter.

the part at which olivia goes "don you want to know why, blah blah play little league with ethan since he doesnt have a father" part, i was thinking that you had her blurt it out too quickly.

which brings me to "don"? did you mean do, or don't?

anyways, great chapter, update soon!
8/21/2003 c5 Haute Couture
great chapter. joe sounds kinda freaky. update soon!
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