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for Her Forbidden Past

10/28/2003 c45 11DreamNightmare
yea! thats rite! take charge! maybve even act like a bitch but shes puttin her thoughts across! yay! go Sa! neways...nice chappie...ttyl lylas late

10/27/2003 c44 DreamNightmare
omg! he raped her! no no no! ahh! :( rite more soon! lylas late

10/22/2003 c43 DreamNightmare
u mofo!ahh! come on it was gettin really good! update soon chika lylas late

10/22/2003 c42 DreamNightmare
CRUEL INTENTIONS I TOLD U! lmao...omg...its like incest if they really ARE bor n sis which i doubt now lol lylas late

10/20/2003 c41 DreamNightmare
come on! NO DETAIL? ahh! lol j/k nice chapter! lylas late

10/19/2003 c10 4Maeven
Hey *grin* u caught me right as I was checking up on my mail . . . sure I'd review but I'm sorry, I only got up to chap. 10 . . . kinda need to run off right now to do a project . . . but anyways, really really really well-written!

I haven't caught any huge mistakes and your writing style flows beautifully. Love how you incorporate these mysterious scenes from the past (right?) into the main story . . . adds an air of suspense and makes the reader go "Huh? Hmm, interesting . . . gimme more!" *Giggles* Sorry, a bit sleep-deprived.

All in all, the storyline is moving along pretty well and your descriptions are great. I can tell you've worked a lot on this piece and wow, 40 chap. I don't think I can ever sit down and keep at a story for so long. Hopefully, I won't abandon False Facades like I've done to my other stories in the past.

Great job! And the girl's name is also Sam! Yay! Ahem. Keep writing!

~ Maeven ~
10/13/2003 c40 11DreamNightmare
confuzzler! lol update soon! ^-^ lylas late

10/12/2003 c39 DreamNightmare
aww! that was so cute! lol update asap!

10/11/2003 c38 DreamNightmare
omg omg omg! lol...this chapter was good...a lil sexual in the end but great! lol neways update soon if u can ^-^ lylas late

10/7/2003 c37 DreamNightmare
no! wut r u tryin 2 do? KILL ME? lol more more! o bad thoughts...

10/5/2003 c36 DreamNightmare
evil i tell u! EVIL! lol neways...im bord now cuz i have nuttin 2 read lol love the story still u evil twisted story writer! lylas

10/4/2003 c35 5Thrifty Sara
I love this story alot. Your a really good writer!
10/4/2003 c34 Thrifty Sara
NO! They took Sa! NO!
10/4/2003 c35 11DreamNightmare
goodness! lol update soon! ima try real hard 2 update that story 4 u asap!lylas

10/1/2003 c34 DreamNightmare
ooh! shes learin more! i think i no wuts gonna happen but im gonna kick it outta my head so i dont ruin my surprise lol...lylas late

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