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7/15/2004 c1 Clint
Very, very nice. Must say, some better amatuer writing I've layed my eyes to.
This is Sarah's friend, Clint. Just wanted to extend a sign of appreciation. Your stories are, well, bad-ass.
Keep it up. I'd love to read more.
1/2/2004 c10 28the tuesday after
This is pretty crazy - the best part of this is how you present the workings of a criminal mind so rationally. We all know that what he's doing is wrong - but it sounds justified. Infact, it sounds sane. I think I like what you write when you're pissed off.
10/23/2003 c10 15Fayth Bounarotti
i really liked ur story! the whole tohught process and twists and well everything kept me on the edge of my seat! two thumbs up!
10/8/2003 c10 rured
that was twisted. but i loved it!
10/5/2003 c10 wazawaisuru
What an ending! Please, please write a sequel-this story is just way too great to end! Really well done-nice work^^!
9/29/2003 c9 Snarks
Sorry it took me a while to review, I was in Las Vegas for a good portion of last week.

*cracks knuckles* And down to the review.

Mind-blower, to say the least. This idea of Wraiths is certainly a interesting one. And having one of their members go a bit off the deep-end certainly adds a touch of mortality to their rather immortal-sounding life. Did that make any sense? Hope so.

It's interesting that you don't really write dialogue. Then again, you mentioned Chuck as an influence and I can definately see that. His dialogue is very sparse as well. And it works. Considering this is all a mind-trip for this guy, having his dialogue be nothing more than a report-type of talking aids in detaching him from what's going on around him. At least, that's my impression of it.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to what he'll do next now that he's been confronted by his brethren. Especially since he's still certain it's nothing more than his mind on a bender so to speak. Excellent work.

9/25/2003 c9 popeye

This is truly one of the most repugnant tales I have ever read. While reading it, I could picture it all being turned into a movie very easily. A sick and twisted movie, but one nonetheless. I don't even know where to begin with a critique of this. It certain reaches new heights in the world of sadism.


9/21/2003 c9 wazawaisuru
Cool! I love this guy-a smart-ass AND a sociopath-what more could you ask for?
9/16/2003 c8 wazawaisuru
This is an excellent story-I really look forward to reading more!
9/15/2003 c7 Snarks
*shivers* Well, that was beyond creepy. Again, excellent use of the written language. I'm definantly hooked on this story. And I want to see more of this other "vision" of his. I really want to know what it is he's seeing. But then again, I suppose that was your goal, ne? Oddly enough, I'm listening to Linkin Park while I write this and the tone fits your fic at the moment. Weird.

Mata ne!

9/4/2003 c5 Snarks
*shivers* I'm getting so into this. And once more your prose knocks me back. Wonderfully done and wonderfully acerbic in terms of wit. I really enjoy this.

I'm so curious as to what it is he keeps seeing. To me, it seems as though what he "sees" day-to-day is just a blanket over what really happens. And his flashes are reality trying to make its way through. But then again, that's just my impression at the moment and I'll likely be thrown for a loop, ne? *grins*

All in all, great job.

Mata ne!

8/25/2003 c4 Snarks
*blinks* Why has no one reviewed this yet? It's amazing! Damn, this is . . . no words to describe it. The stream of consciousness, with your main character "leading" the reader around his world, is exception and certainly a breath of fresh air. You have a remarkable way with words and it's kept me hooked the entire time I've been reading it.

You know who your writing reminds me of? Chuck Palahniuk. You have that same disjointed yet cohesive thought movement. I love that style of writing.

Side note, loved your "Seattle Raincoat" comment. I'm from the Northwest, I've made those things before. *grins*

I'm anxiously awaiting more. This is spectacular.

By the by, Mellen clued me into this fic and I'm grateful she did. Tell her I said hi! *grins*

Mata ne!


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