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3/28/2005 c11 inanutshellkizz
im so glad you finally updated! keep going!
3/27/2005 c11 8bulletproof.cupid
Man, I seriously need to read the other chapters again. I read this a long time ago.. so I forgot some of the detail's. I blame you! Nah, kidding... writer's block can be such a pain in the ass. God, I don't even remeber how old they are...

One bit of advice, you dividers of some sort for the change in POVs. There are a few minor errors but who cares about them... I mean at least we have a chapter out =P

-She was happy to see her toothbrush did not look so lonely anymore.- lmao!

Hmm thank God for Pat... at least she's going to be helped now. No more Bulimia, or at least we can hope so. He writes poety and lyrics right? Hmm wonder when they'll gey other their respective boy friend/ girl friend and see each other in that way. Well, you have to get to the present soon... the suspense is painful to bear! Good job on this chappie and thank for the great read. I'm going to continue to support this fic and you as well. First fic on FP that made me cry =P L8er,

3/27/2005 c11 2Pundit
Okay, I absolutely LOVE your dialogue. It's coherent, it flows well, and -above all- it's NATURAL/REALISTIC! The whole bulemia thing... I'm impressed. That's a topic that's not only hard to address but it's even harder to do it without being cliche and melodramatic. Plus you used it as a way to show how deep Maura & Patrick's feelings for each other go (in a platonic way).

I've gotta say, I'm rooting for Maura and Patrick in the long haul (like when they're 26, have had some experience under their belts and can really appreciate each other as mature adults) but the way you wrote Bill in this chapter REALLY, REALLY makes me want him and Maura to get together too. He actually CARES about her, even if he was a bit of an ass, and she doesn't have too many people in her life that she's close with. I don't want her to lose Bill. But conflict is good. Conflict is interesting. PLEASE UPDATE SOONER THAN LAST TIME! You're KILLING me here! Gah! I have no life! I LIVE for the quality fics on FP, as few & far between as they are. Since you're one of those extraordinarily good authors, you must bear the responsibility of keeping me sane and happily entertained. So, in conclusion: Wonderful chapter, I'm so FREAKING glad you're continuing the story, and update SOON! (though now I'll be excited if you update before August whereas before I'd be annoyed if I had to wait for May... hmm...interesting).
3/27/2005 c11 bibble
such a sad and angsty chapter. but at least you UPDATED!
3/27/2005 c11 37kittyfay
Oh My God! You updated! I loved the chapter.I like how Maura and Pat are seeing that there is something there.. But maybe Bill should be the one that helps Maura through her Bulimia. :) Ur update makes me think I should update something of my own.Cant wait to see what happens next!
3/27/2005 c11 3Desert Illusion
Oh wow! Hi there! You finally show up with an update! LOL! I love this story! It's good that Maura finally decided that she needs help and she comes to her father. I'm glad that Partick could convince her before things got out of her control, and she seriously needed medical attention.

I wonder what's gonna happen b/w Maura and Bill though. He still shouldn't have been with Shannon. That was wrong of him to do so, even if he was scared of admitting his own feelings and all that stuff.

Anyways, I hope you UPDATE SOON!

Take care!

Lots of love,-Maha. (Oh I'm Maha786 btw...LOL!)
3/27/2005 c9 Sky is Gray
This story made me cry and I give you props for the fact that this is the first fanfic I have ever read that has made me cry.

What are you thinking? You absolutely, positively need to update. As in, right now, because I am kept in suspense and I don't like it. Keep up the good work.
3/27/2005 c10 20Shadow Haven
Hey! Great story! its so...touching...lol, i choked back my tears, not so much as the emotional person Xp...Mikey died :(...but he'll always be here in our hearts! rite?...rite? O.oanywayz...its obvious something will b up between Patrick and Maura ;) lol, Maura thinks she eats alot...you should see my friends and i! lol, especially one of my best friends, she eats like crazy ( i mean it! she eats lyk...3 breakfasts! I'm dead serious!) and yet she's still so skinny! my od...i hate her genes...-_-i realized a time ago that SOME boys can be a lot more compassionate than girls, lol. Some of my guy frenz r real poem wizes! lol, and they're poems is WAY better than mine!newayz...update soon! very very soon! cos i enjoy this story alot! ^_^ ...could you RnR my stories too sometimes?please?
3/26/2005 c10 CoOkIe MoNsTeR
that was the hardest thing i've had to read (with Michale dying i mena) *wipes tears away*. I really miss Mike u know? its so...different without him. And he was so sweet too! please update soon!
3/24/2005 c10 nightlystar
are u going to finish the story?
3/22/2005 c10 2cbprice25
Interesting... Keep writing!
3/18/2005 c10 3weepingsilver
Ypu can stop! I have to know what happens. I serously laughes and cried through out the whole thing. It's amazing. I love it. I would have reviewed every chapter, but it was too good and I couldn't stop reading. I'l review every chapter eventually don't worry. Hurry up and UPDATE SOON!

3/17/2005 c10 2hurricane1
ah...the one with micheal dying nearly made me cry...bwahahaah...so sad gurl...newatz update!
2/28/2005 c10 3Mrs. MJackson
hey this was really great, i just found it the ohter day, and it made me freaking cry, nothing makes me cry, i haven't cried in a long time, and your story made me cry, it as so sad, when michael died, i was torn, i can't wait til u continue and get into pat and maura when their like 16 or 17, kind of like young adult or whatever, and when are u gonna talk about Maura "becoming bulimic" or something, like that, and part 2, i cannot wait for part 2, when their in their 20's and when she's living with Patrick, please continue ASAP, update!
2/28/2005 c4 Mrs. MJackson
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