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8/15/2007 c11 170.0 NightRiders 0.0
8/7/2007 c11 famousOneLiners
write more!
6/9/2007 c10 flojo22811
this is such a sad story! i was properly crying when mike died.
5/21/2007 c11 Jazzzzy
Why don't you update anymore? I've been waiting two years! =;(

This story is amazing and one of the few modern romance stories on this sight which just evokes all sorts of empathy for the characters. I know you're probably busy with life and the works, and I'm probably irritating you with this pushy review.. but I just wanted to ask you to give an indication whether you're going to continue it =(. Hopefully you are but if you're not, it was still a well-written and inspiring story nonetheless. =)
4/23/2007 c11 little fox demon
wow wow this is the first story in a long time thats made me cry and dotn do that easily usually its just a burning of the eyes but that was really good i hope u continue it and dont be too hard on billy i really like him lol
3/27/2007 c11 kiralila
are you ever freaking going to update!

i mean i can understand if you have a writer's block but this is freaking too long. god...

i wish you would update because i would hate to see such a great st story go to waste.

good luck! ;)
3/25/2007 c7 silliegurl789
awesome chap
3/16/2007 c11 1Box.Of.Chocolates
please please please ... pretty please w/ bunch of cherries on top...update!
3/15/2007 c11 7CallMeCute
wow good story- the only thing? are they eleven when patrick dates marissa?
3/2/2007 c11 wandless
I like your story! Too bad you seem to have abandoned it ... If you ever get around to writing more I look forward to reading it!
2/25/2007 c11 Miz Em
Holy crap. Seriously this is THE most intense story I have read in ages. I really cried when Mike died and I'm like emotionally connected to the characters now! You do a nice job with the timeline, spacing things out so that you aren't recounting everything that ever happened in their lives', just the bigger things. I can't wait to keep reading. ^_^
1/2/2007 c11 pockets are my friends
Hi, I just read your story and I was wondering when you were going to be updating again? It's really good and, gosh, some parts make me want to cry so badly and I just want to know what's going to happen next, so please please update this story soon.
12/26/2006 c11 4Circles in the Water
Wow. I am a huge fan of this story. Love it to bits. Sad at the fact Mike died but getting used to it. I absolutely adore the bond between Maura and Pat I think it's really beautiful. This chapter was very moving and I am so happy that Maura is on the way to recovery. Can't wait for more...
12/10/2006 c11 28Lyrical.Love
Great story

Update soon
11/8/2006 c11 hellokittygirl
Wow. Very, very nice. I'm glad she's getting help. I don't want her turning out bulimic for the rest of her life. That would be horrible. But you are a FANTASTIC writer, and now, I have to go do my homework. XP

Update soon!

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