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1/18/2004 c3 61A.D Williams
I'm sorry about some of the spacing in the paragraphs. I never have quotation marks that close to other statements. I hope that that didn't affect any of the story in a 'negetive' way. Chapter four is sure to catch the attention of anyone who reads Ember. I'm still working on it at the moment, but be watching for it within a few days. :)
1/15/2004 c3 9Amelia Jaded
Loved it, keep writing.
In the beginning it was rather hard to get into it, but by the time Connor showed up the story had become much more captivating. The addition of Raven adds yet another layer to the story. You might want to have her hold out a little longer and be suspicious for a longer period of time, just to add more conflict. Also, the addition of more poetry would be much appreciated-perhaps have a poem of Ember's at the beginning of each chapter?
9/28/2003 c3 14Storysmith
i just put together that you would start a story seperate from the introduction. I've actualy kept checkiong it to find out. Well, good job on the story, so far. i noticed you haven't updated in awhile, but, I can still hope for another chapter...
8/14/2003 c1 6Black and Silver Dreamer
I told you I would be first Amber! :) Nifty, I liked your Ember story a lot, or at least what I heard about it lol. Put up more or else Kerry'll come get you! Bye till tommorrow!

~ Ande

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