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9/19/2010 c20 12DiamondEyedDog
This story is amazing! So disappointed you didn't finish. Ah well, I'm just going to imagine a happy ending. I don't know anything about rugby, but it was a great read anyway. Hope you're still off writing somewhere!
6/14/2009 c20 53BookTitles
Oh, sucks to be you Rabbit.

Please continue!

I need a happy ending!

millie xx
6/14/2009 c11 53BookTitles

They aren't called wife beaters in Aus, eh?

millie xx
1/28/2009 c20 iman1234
7/6/2007 c20 2artistic dreamer
is the story over? please don't let it be! when are you gonna update? i don't want to sound all annoying and nagging, but i like the plot of your story, it's so different, please update soon if the story hasn't ended yet!
6/9/2007 c20 xXReader.Desu.YoXx
incredibly AWESOME story. I love it XD

But gosh...part 20 left me with a so called story heartache.


cant wait for the new update XD

3/6/2007 c20 behind these tears

Update soon please! I can't believe she left him when they fought. ;( Hope everything works out!

Take care!
2/14/2007 c20 secret angel on the swing
i read this a long time ago.. and now i'm reading it again.

great story. i like this the best out of all your stories. but i'm confused.. is the story over? or you just dont know what to write or writer's block or something..?

because this story's great! i mean it seems like an ending, a sad one, but an ending.. and you havent updated in almost 2 yrs, but your other stories have been updated, so is it over..? i hope not...
2/10/2007 c20 takingrisks
I read this story awhile ago, and loved it. I came back to beg of you to update soon! It's such a cliffhanger.
1/20/2007 c1 skippydabeaver
It's a nice story. The breaks seem a little nonsensical, but I like the idea, and your writing style is an interesting one.

Just a note-Rugby and football aren't the same thing. Not even american football and rugby. Similar, yes, but not the same.

Keep it up!
9/16/2006 c1 6Semicharmed love
wow...great story. I just found it today and i really like it. when i got to the last chapter i was because i wanted to see how it ended...but you're not at the end yet...

its been a while since you updated...you probably already know that though :-/

will you update soon? :]]
8/26/2006 c20 1Writing4Eternity
WOW, major cliff hanger
8/2/2006 c20 frizzy
I love Savanah! She is an amazing character - her complex personality and strength of will make her completely believeable! Their relationship is troubled, but thats what makes it perfect in a way - it's a real relationship you can connect with. Update soon -fantastic!
3/1/2006 c1 deedee
you havent updated in 1 and a half yrs! i just read the story in one go and its awesome..update soon please =)
12/22/2005 c20 8aurora borealis
Oh my god. Please tell me you'll update this. You can't leave it hanging like this!This story is amazing. The characters are great - none of them are unnaturally perfect - and your writing brilliant. I love the rugby stuff. (Man, I miss that. I lived in Wales for a year, only came home this summer, and in Norway we don't have rugby at all... :( )Now why did Savannah just suddenly turn into bitcho no. 1? I don't get it... And please write more, because I can't bear the thought of Rabbit all alone without her. They *need* each other.Anyway. Love this story. Please continue it?
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