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10/17/2009 c4 Dwindling Fire
haha, this is awesome! kinda different..but i like it xD
10/10/2009 c1 deactivated account sorry
Man, you nearly had me crying by the end of the prologue. I'm going to continue reading it after my final examination which is in one week's time. (sigh). Anyways, I spotted a few typos and "eaten-up words". Ohter than that, I like it. (smile)
9/6/2009 c8 1trying to remember
GOD! great story love it! update soon!
8/18/2009 c8 2The Demon loveless
I love this story! But is it going to be continued?
6/26/2009 c8 Guest
Why is the next chapter not up, I wanna know more about this Patrick guy. Please update even though its been so long...
6/24/2009 c8 1Foohypink
Really good story I read it all in one day, and I loved it so much can't get enough of it. ^_^ keep up the good work and please pretty please update soon with a cherry on top. n_n Thanks!
6/17/2009 c8 trophyqueen
PLEASE UPDATE. I really love this story. i wanna know what will happen next with jack and nicole :(

come back!
6/6/2009 c8 sappyromancelvr

I know you haven't updated i years, but please?

For all of these people waiting, no dying to read the next chapter?

You are a fantastic writer, but instead of suspense being a good thing, its now tormenting us. :(

Please please update. You'd make a lot of people's day.
4/8/2009 c1 K0ala
So strange. I was at the library and came across "Sunday at Tiffany's" by James Patterson, and the summary of it seriously reminded me of it. So weird! But, I'm hoping you'll update this eventually.
1/25/2009 c8 11Crestfallen Smile. Happy Tears
i love the story. i wish you would update though.
12/21/2008 c8 3Mitaku-Oyasin
You need to update soon! Even though it's been years... but in your last chapter you said the next one was already written! Post anything, even if it's rough.. I want to find out what will happen next!
11/25/2008 c2 10Aurora Corona
Great story! Too bad you haven't updated for three years... I would've loved to read more about Jack
11/3/2008 c8 6MelGrl
i am itchin' to find out wats in the bk. i have too find out soon or else i'm gunna burst from curiousity. good story. plz update when u can. ^^
9/12/2008 c8 1mistariapotter
8/24/2008 c8 9emilybh
Argh! Update soon! I love it!
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