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8/24/2008 c7 9emilybh
Am bookmarking! Love it so far!
8/22/2008 c8 Hidden Flowers
Please update?
8/12/2008 c8 a beginner
wen r u gonna update?
8/10/2008 c1 jesragz
I don't understand why you don't want to work on your writing anymore. I think that you should start updating again. This is such a GOOD STORY it was made me smile and cry. I can only hope you start updating again.
6/17/2008 c1 ConverseKicker16
oh my god...Im crying. litterally. This is soo sad! Already i wish that i had someone like Jack! he seems like the perfect man...I HATE YOU! HATE YOU!...blah!..well, atleast i dont have to wait for the next chapter...-evil laugh-...have a cookie!
6/17/2008 c8 Elle Winters 9
is a nearly 3 year hiatus not long enough to wait for the suspense of the next chapter that u hav 'apparently' alreay written =(

... please update!
6/1/2008 c8 lexicon37893q09
I'm disappointed that you aren't going to be updating this story anymore, especially since I was dying to find out the mystery (is Michael really Jack? Why did he leave?). Nevertheless, I really do love this story and great job writing it! I am story-alerting it just on the off chance that you ever do return to it. :)
5/17/2008 c8 theGreyPebble
kind of weird... but i like it so far.
4/15/2008 c8 5only pretending
I can't wait to see what happens next. :)
4/4/2008 c8 2akaCHEEKS
aww. that sucks that you didn't continue this story..
3/25/2008 c8 3PhotographanAngel
I love this story

I hope you'll update it again sometime soon!
3/19/2008 c1 Pink and Black Sharpies

Please dear god update. I am going to die if I don't find out more.
3/10/2008 c8 18Layla the fiend
Please, for the love of God, post the next chapter! I'm dying over here!
2/20/2008 c8 midnightxskiesxx
hey, i read your story and i absoloutley adore it! how on earth do you find the time to right such long chapters? I can't wait for the next chapter. sorry if this seems like a bit of a short reveiw but i can't seriously find anything to comment on excpet its 'wow' factor because its perfect. (like the way you've written it)

louise :)
1/31/2008 c8 stasius
hey, it was a good fic.. really good! and you shouldn't abandon it! so much potential this story can be.. oh well, still i wish you could tell me if my speculation is rite!~ that mike is obviously jack and alex is really marrying brittany and asked mike to play pretend.. so that nicole won't flip.. hahaa.. my mind is really wild so probably all wrong.. but still wish you'll continue the story.. best of luck anyway whereever you are..
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