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1/26/2008 c4 ladydragon93
9/21/2007 c8 Ksenia

I'm not sure if you will even get this review but yeah. I was surfing through the site being bored, and then I found your story. I was reading it nonstop. It's really great. I know that you decided not to continue with the story, but please, I beg you, reconsider. No matter what you think it's amazing. Even thought this story hasn't been updated for two years, people would be ecstatic if you posted the next chapter. At the very least, could you post another chapter that says what happens later on in the story, how it ends? Please. People are still reviewing to this day. They love your story, and so do I.

9/1/2007 c8 21rosieroo
this is realyy good! cant wait till the nxt chap
8/30/2007 c1 12sunflowersing
That's so sad that Jack left! T_T

8/16/2007 c8 EverlastingTwilight
I know that its too late to try to convince you to continue, but just hear me out.

I read on your profile that you think this story is way beyond saving, but the truth is that your story is SO much better than almost 80% of the stories on this site. You are too hard on yourself.

There are so many people on this site who absolutely love your story and I noticed that many profiles have this story in their favorites. The first time I saw it, I didn't want to read it, but when I noticed how everyone seemed to love your story, I decided to try it... and I absolutely adore it.

You would make a lot of people happy if you decided to continue.

Your grammar and characterization is lovely, and I adore all of your characters. Especially Jack. Its too soon for you to just stop! Your story very easily caught me and my mind was buzzing with possibilities. Your story is original. I had no idea what would be coming next.

You said in your author's note that you already had Chapter 9 typed up. Could you at least take pity on us and just post it? Everyone will go crazy knowing that they have begun such a potentially beautiful story and never get to see it continue and end.
7/12/2007 c1 fatso17
wait... what? *sputters* but.. but this is such a good story! oh man. hate it when this happens. a half finished story! *cries* you have a lot of talent. it's a pity you didn't feel like continuing this story. *sniffs* such an interesting idea... no fair. *sighs* oh well. um, enjoy your life?
6/11/2007 c8 13Water Block
I was a little confused about the part with Angela winning the election-it came out of nowhere, with no marker telling us time had passed, and then just as abruptly, the story turned back to Nicole getting ready for bed after discovering her book from Elise was missing.

Will Patrick play an important role later?

Will you ever finish this story?
6/11/2007 c7 Water Block
Amazing chapter-why the hell is Jack, I mean Michael, getting married to Brittany again? I mean, he knows she is a complete bitch, she hates what he loves, and, well...come on! Why? Is it an arranged marriage?

Loved the Jessica/Mike interaction.
6/11/2007 c6 Water Block
I knew it was coming-she had to find out that Mike is actually her Jack, and that he is engaged to Brittany (Why the hell is he, anyway?)-but it still hurt like hell.

I loved this chapter.
6/11/2007 c5 Water Block
Jake is so cool. I loved this chapter.
6/11/2007 c4 Water Block
I like that it sounds like, from the conversations in this chapter, that Alex seems to see Jessica as more of a sister figure than as a lover type of person.

I love the necklace-tres belle!
6/9/2007 c3 Water Block
Poor Alex-it's hard to tell if he has crushy feelings for Jessie or not, but he's always going to be a second fiddle compared to the memory of Jack.
6/9/2007 c2 Water Block
Okay-it has to be HER Jack (and not just because of what your summary said)

He knew her personally for 18 years (At least, I'm assuming it was 18). The dolphin, and he probably would see her as an angel. And, once he disappered, the expression she would wear would be more suited to a combination of sad and happy. Because he is gone-she can never be completly happy again.

Also, as a way to connect to Jessi more, he does the same thing with his name as she has done with hers-preferring to use his middle name rather than his first name, to feel more connected perhaps?

I adored this chapter! It was beautiful-and I really want to read more! (But first, must help my sister clean her room)
6/9/2007 c1 Water Block
I really like this story. Jack sounds amazing, and it's so sad that he had to leave.

Great first chapter!
6/7/2007 c1 xxxNitz
I love this story! It's so original compared to other stories with the overused cliches. I really, really hope you continue to write this story!
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