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4/16/2006 c8 Reviewer
Please update! i LOVE your story.
3/27/2006 c8 elle
please, please, please, please, PLEASE update. I love this story. I have to go back and read it because I haven't read it in a while, but I love it and I know that I think brit's a major hag and that if Mike is Jack, then I love him.But, yes, please, update!
3/21/2006 c1 So-This-Is-Hate
alright, i know that you havent updated this story in a VERY long time, you have probably most likey forgotten about it! but i would REALLY REALLY like it if you were to complete it...i liek this story...it has symbolism and irony.
3/17/2006 c8 Pbum aka Spoon and Fork
Damn, the only conclusion I have in this story is that Jack and Jessie saw their future selves while they were kids.

As Nicole had an imaginary friend named JAck, Mike had Jessie. That was why they were shocked the first time they saw each other for real.

in other words, they're soulmates.

Why oh why do you have to abandon this creative story of yours? hmm?

Your readers demand an explanation on this story!
3/4/2006 c1 8Written
It's too bad you aren't wriitng anymore- this was one of the few unique stories on this site.

TO THIS DAY I wonder what was going to happen. I wonder what happened with Jack, and how real he was, and a million other things. Could you tell us? Or can you not be bothered to?

In any case, thanks for writing.
3/3/2006 c4 3derniersoleil
Your story is amazing. I'm rather fluent in french, and I just wanted to let you know that when Nikki was talking to Monique in the the dress shop, she said "Avec elle l'argent." You said that it translates to "With her money.", but really it means "With she the money." What it should be would be "Avec son argent." Just to clear things up. Anyway, I hope you find time to update.

~Moderately Psychotic~
3/3/2006 c8 MoriMorte
i'll blame it on radical feminist lol.

awsome story btw i really can't wait till the next chpt.

your story really makes me think because jack he stayed the same age the whole time he was with jess. but then you hear he has a dad that has ajob and they have to move, which makes you think oh well then they have a mental connection but then how he stayed the same age makes no sense...really confusing.

michael so took the book(the book missing and her jewelry missing isn't connected is it),and brit's a bitch, and nat is cool.

and alex is hiding a secret..obviously brit i think likes alex (maybe not sure)

i guess i have to see how this all turns out , and i really feel bad about that brit guy the one jess. talks to when her boss is not there and all it's sad he's there.

well i wish u luck on your writing!
2/19/2006 c8 5alineofprose
Gods above, this is a fantastic fic. It's almost as if you're getting drawn into her life - like she's the light and you're the proverbial moth. That and I really enjoy Brittany getting pissed off. Sadistic, I know, but what can you say?

Your characters are smashingly human, and I think Alex has a girlfriend or a crush of some sort. I've never read a story quite like this, apart from some fanfiction I stumbled upon once, so I congratulate you on your originality. :D

Keep writing!

2/10/2006 c8 72Forget-The-Sorrow
I love your story! Please update when it's possible!
2/5/2006 c8 7Queen of Autumn
please please please please update soon... I want to know what happens next...
2/2/2006 c8 Broadway Nicka
I thought he was a ghost so where did the parents come from? And didn't you say he was an adult while she was a kid? More please I love it Im just a tad confused
1/31/2006 c7 Balancing Act
Sorry, that would be ALEX's suspicious behavior, not Michael's.
1/31/2006 c8 Balancing Act
Interesting... Jack's role is somewhat like a guardian angel, made more plausible by the introduction of that painting with the angel and dolphin - painted by Mike to resemble "someone". Right now the feeling I'm getting is that Jack is some sort of reflection/soul/shadow of Michael... especially since Michael definitely recognizes Nicole. Also, Jake's name is curiously close to Jack... does that have any significance? And obviously the book about Past and Present lives has something to do with it (did Michael take it in his bag?), and if I had to guess a reason behind Michael's suspicious behavior, I'd say he'd found a girlfriend. All in all, I'd say Michael and Jack are definitely each other, because I noticed only Jack calls Nicole by her first name, Jessie, and only Nicole knows Michael by his first name, Jack.
1/30/2006 c4 French
Just a few French corrections: "C'est magnificent" should be "C'est magnifique". In the sentence, "A votre service, mademoiselle. Tu a très belle," you switch from formal (votre) to informal (tu); you should probably stick with "vous" - so it would be "A votre service, mademoiselle. Vous êtes très belle," because you also said You have very beautiful, instead of You are very beautiful. Good use of the conditionelle, c'est parfait, but to say "her money" you'll want "son argent", pas "elle argent". Elle is used for subject pronouns, like She is, She has, She etc., or emphasized pronouns, like, Qui a la robe? Elle. (The third person equivalent of Moi or Toi.) So yes, just a few corrections, hope you don't mind.
1/6/2006 c8 Bookworm428
Oh, my word. You must continue this! It's so awesome! Please, please update soon!
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