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for The Crossing Guard

3/17/2005 c1 Arkash
Great beginning. I like the way you portray this millieu and lead the reader into the story.Good job.Some of the paragraphs are corrupted and totally out of line. Perhaps it happened when you uploaded.
2/18/2005 c1 DathomiranSciFiAuthor
Great first chapter, Lowell! I like the style you told it in. Wonderful as always. Keep writing!

1/9/2005 c5 32The Blind Guardian
Now that's just rude, heheh. This wasa good chapter, and it gives some good insight into Arthur's past. Quite the cliffhanger ending though. I hope you post more soon. I'm nt going to ask any questions, because I'm assuming many of them will be answered in time. What do you plan to do with this story once it is finished?

I do like the mixture of fantasy and technology. Sometimes the combination does not work, but in this story it seems to do quite well. Hopefully you keep it going.Remy
11/25/2004 c1 5Bakedo no Hikage
Hey, man. I haven't been involved in FP a lot lately...but I saw you wrote a new story and just had to come after Dreamwalkers!

Prologue=interesting. You definitely have an entire world and history in your mind...can tell you got it all planned out :)

I'll continue reading soon!
10/25/2004 c4 32The Blind Guardian
There are many people who outright dispise the mixture of science fiction and fantasy that you seem to be employing; however, I personally like the mix of genres, as, when done right, they can intertwine quite nicely. This story seems to employ both quite well, as well as throwing in some real life atmosphere. It is an interesting start to what could be a promising novel one day. Gramatically, there were a few minor gripes, but nothing really worth mentioning (nothing a cursury examination wouldn't fix). Your discription of people, places and things is quite vivid, making it easy to invision them. I only have a few questions. First of all, In your prologue, from who's perspective was that news coverage shown, or was it merely a recording? It reminded me of a movie script. Also, in the prologue you mentioned the return of Kendis Di, a character from a sci-fi/fantasy series called Star Shield. Is this story thus a fan fiction of StarShield? If not, I'd advise you to be careful. Other than that, I like it so far. There are a few questions about names and the 'Sin Guardians, but I'm guessing they will be answered in future installments (of which I hope there will be some) Keep writing, and also, thank you for the review. It's been a while since I recieved one.
10/28/2003 c1 IrishVampire13
Hi; thanks for the review; I wasn't expecting one on that story so quickly. :-) It was very encouraging. "Mugged" is just a one-parter, although I'm thinking of writing a story about the Brent character.

Thanks again!
8/18/2003 c1 Bakedo
You're finally back! I'm happy! Put that last chappy of DreamWalkers up NNOOWW!

-Bakedo no Hikage.

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