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for Her Plane Arrives At Seven

9/26/2003 c1 11The Lady Assassin
Wow! That was pretty impressive! I love the story line! Julie's reaction is just perfect when Cara comes over after the funeral. Complete denial...excellent.

Can't wait to see what else you've been up to writing-wise.
9/20/2003 c1 24echoes of chaos
this story is very, very good. very well written. you have a good way of adding suspense. i really like that the section in the hospital was at the very beginning of the story rather than later - i'll definately be looking for more stories by you!
8/20/2003 c1 9Magentian
Wow... one of your friend's friend's moms got killed? *wince* Never knew that. I'll have to pay more attention to the news or something...

Anyway, to the story. Yeah, you could kinda tell it was a sloppy copy, but still, this totally freaks me out. And you think I'M on LSD... lol

The whole thing in the expo about Dr. LLoyd kind of irked me... he had cool characterization, but I don't like the fact that it was direct and not proven through scenes and reactions instead. Of course, he probably won't be appearing as a main, so it's really no biggie.

Anyway... I really wonder where you're going with this. Is this gonna be like Final Destination or something? It's very freaky so far... you should put it under Horror instead, lol. Congrats on uploading your first story, hope you update soon!
8/20/2003 c1 freedman121
That is cool. I'd just like to say that I know that you said that this is a sloppy-copy, but next time, at least make sure that you can understand everything you're saying. This is because in a couple places you were missing a word... But that's okay, because this was a good draft/whatever you want to call it.


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