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8/13/2005 c5 an-cat
Y'all need serious updatage.
2/24/2005 c1 2Sans Papier
chartreuse knights and pilards. tres drolle. i do intend to read often!
2/26/2004 c1 22an-cat-gaelige
Well a skim seems to signify that it's brill! However I haven't yet read the whle thing. I'm working on it...
12/10/2003 c5 7Spade Dawson
Ninjas! yay. good chapter.
12/6/2003 c5 11NewbiaTheElf
Yay! They're in Japan! Lol!
12/5/2003 c5 ibgone
Oh, man, I loved that Ninja fight! Lancelot was so hilarious in this chapter. Now I believe you're a rabbi short of a bar joke (a friar, ninja, and a rabbi walked into a bar...). I'm wondering if Merlin will turn Lance into a dog for the dog show (he seems to have the intelligence and obidence of one).
11/15/2003 c4 ibgone
...a ninja? If this ninja's going to speak jibberish, then I'm going to assuming you stole the idea from me. Page is actually a woman, huh? That Monk has a good eye. Speaking of which, I wonder how he'll contribute to the quest?
11/15/2003 c3 ibgone
Don't eat the dandelions indeed. That was one screwed up chapter. Enter the Monk? This I have to see...
11/15/2003 c2 ibgone
I find it funny how Merlin acts towards Morgan Le Fay, even though she makes it more than obvious she wants to kill Merlin.
10/30/2003 c4 NewbiaTheElf
Lol! Another chapter of the story, lovely. It was quite funny as always.
10/28/2003 c1 ibgone
Well, this is a new approach to the old King Authur legend. I found myself laughing when Merlin revealed what a pilchard was. I may have to read more another day. Oh, and thanks for reading Peppermint Clash. I'm glad you liked it.
10/26/2003 c4 7Spade Dawson
OO. Page is a girl?then her name must but Paige...

Great chappy btw
10/7/2003 c3 Spade Dawson
*blink blink* *blink blink* So THATS what you've been eating! *paddles Rambler*
9/23/2003 c3 11Squirrelmistress
Brilliant! There is nothing better than a sarcastic revision of the Arthurian legend...except perhaps for dandelions...

marvellous story, anyway.
9/13/2003 c3 12Naamela
All right, here's your warm fuzzy feeling:

I think this chapter's my favorite so far. "Page... did THEM try to eat you for... elevensies?" That was great.

Just one thing: when you stepped out of character and started talking about "the author," it was a bit...strange. Would have been better without it.

-Ciao! -Scotia Li
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