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for Cheery Rants About Roleplaying

1/8/2004 c1 4Hedgistar
Not a bad list at all...and hell, some of the peeves seem to apply to regular communication on the net than anything else.
So you've role-played a lot but I guess by this your experiance is only with Forum-based roleplaying? I'm probably wrong but it does seem like it.
There is one thing I do think you're missing and it tends to apply more in MU*, real life pen-and-paper, or IRC based RPG.
That's when people tend to force you into unpleasent situations without giving you a choice, as in saying: "blah..blah...slices your head off...blah..blah"
1/6/2004 c1 15Lilith Jade
i loved it and i so agree. its like having a demony thing in the middle fo an SF chat. it really sucks.
neway (lol) keep writing.
9/6/2003 c1 Dytra
hehe... that was pretty interesting. I roleplay a lot, it's one of my very favorite hobbies. I'm not sure if it's the same kind of RPing that you're talking about, though. But either way, those things would be very annoying in the kind of RPing I do, too. Especially the accent thing, I know some people that do that. I don't know if it's necessarily wrong or anything, but it does make it really hard to read. And I hate it when people RP with all those abreviations like they're in a chat room or something, lol.
9/4/2003 c1 sb friend
Well, I suppose that just about covers it all. One thing I'd like to add though. When English/Language Arts teachers (take your pick) misspell words that you know how to spell, you wonder why she's the one teaching. It's bad enough when your math teacher writes "enjoy you family" for an assignment on Labor Day. Sometimes I really get miffed about that kind of thing and just take a pen to it and get a thesaurus. If like someone like repeats a like word like a lot, I like have to like cross it out or maybe even like find like an alternative. If you haven't notcied, I'm trying to get it through peoples heads that I also hate people who go "thankies or wowie or like, or kewlio, or any other "cutesy" (I even hate the word cutesy) words. THey are just dumb and if they are not in an English dictionary (except for like but you know what I mean) DON'T USE THEM. If they are in the dictionary, use their CORRECT meaning please. I guess I've bored you by now so I guess I'll quit it and go shoot some hoops or drills or something else to get my mind on basketball instead of annoying habits of people I know... hint hint MEG, some people (like me) aren't like other girls. I don't like wearing dresses or makeup so quit trying to do my hair.
8/31/2003 c1 5aqua-angel
LoL, lovely story you got here. I know what you mean tho, its so annoying when they use a bunch of (')s especially when they over use them. Great job on this, it was great haha
8/22/2003 c1 4Iruyuri
oh yea i totally agree! i roleplay alot. its a big pasttime of mine. and its so absolutely rediculously annoying when people do those things!
8/22/2003 c1 77ForgottenMists
I worship you, I and all those of my children shall worship you for all time. Ok, maybe not. Hello anyway, tis Halli/Piggie/FM/Anna/Idiot With the Stupid Grin On Her Face. Yes well, I do love this. MOST ESPECIALLY THE ANIME RP VS. TOLKIEN RP THINGY! I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT! DO YOU GET EL IDEA? ME HOPE SO! Ahem, thank you, I shall shut up. One thing I should like to add to your rants: Godmoding. And invincibilty (or near invincibility). Anyways, thankies for mentioning Nemilon.
8/22/2003 c1 5Aurum Potestas Est
I agree with everything in the rant. It is also irritating when a character that is supposed to be stuck somewhere far far away, appears in front of your character all of a sudden. Get what i mean?

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