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2/2/2004 c1 Anuj Patwardhan
Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow I really liked this one. It inspired me to.
8/27/2003 c1 how do you delete accounts
Krisie! I LOVE this poem! It's so...nature-ish! And relaxing! Perfecto! I love the green, fresh, rainy (in a clean, good-smelling way) quality of the words. And not only is it rainy, it's PHILISOPHIC. So you go girl! And I'm putting you on favorites!
8/24/2003 c1 104Skittles1
That was really good, I loved the last two stanzas, wonderful job.
8/23/2003 c1 Drogan
a very nice poem about life...GJ ling

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