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for Misuta Kalati, Mister Karate

10/11/2004 c1 6WakkoRyan
That reminds me of Weird Al's karate instructor friend in UHF. "You're so STUPID!"
11/28/2003 c1 210Kelpylion
oh, it's funny, and it's in Japanese! Lvoing it...I must write more Japanese haiku sometime...
9/5/2003 c1 100Keep it 100


~Heart of the Sword
9/1/2003 c1 NekoFarfie012
LOL funny stuff. I really apreciated the fact you did translations cause I don't know Japanese/ Nihongo dekimasen!
8/28/2003 c1 50PurpleLilac
Love that line:

shiri ga

kyaku sareru.
8/25/2003 c1 31willowzbitch
amazing idea, i love the japanise lanuage...really good little haiku, Really love the fact you actully wrote it in japanise too, its really like going back to the roots of haiku...great more please :)

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