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for Why do you cry?

9/3/2003 c1 90SweetGrape
Hm- interestingly, strings of thought.

It starts off saying "I saw you cry" and "heard your pain" (hey- nicely put with the senses) and say "Bet you didn't know you showed it" and is very strong and soft and seemingly sympathetic (argh- alliteration! ...oh, darn:P)

"Why aren't you ever happy?" becomes "Why do you have to tear me down" as the person is sick of having to carry someone elses emotional baggage. It's understandable that the person is tired of knowing about pain and not being able to help, but is very harsh and eventually says 'work it out on your own; I have my own life to live'; so it's almost an inner conflict- but your own dreams beat someone elses pain.

A few ideas and thoughts in this one all strung together nicely.
8/30/2003 c1 these kids
wow. great subject matter. i can really relate. i like this because you have questions unanswered in the poem which gives it an angle of thought instead of just words. :)

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